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Male hiker rescued after cold rainy night on Liamuiga crater trail

Published 8 February 2022


Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

Male hiker rescued after cold rainy night on Liamuiga crater trail.
Saturday night February 6th, Forestry officer in the Department of Environment, Dr.Eric Browne, received a report from Mr. Charles Smithen, Director of Safety & Loss Prevention at Kittitian Hill. The report was of two Chinese nationals residing at the Ramada hotel had gone to mount Liamuiga that day and were resently lost in an area with a deep ghaut above Kittitian Hill and assistance was needed to find them.

Contact was then made with the with the Defence Force through WO2 G. Williams and WO2 D. Decosta who had already despatched a response team lead by Cpl D. Mills. The Forestry officer and the response team in collaboration with Hiking guide Mr. Tyrone Belle and Chinese personnel from the Ramada hotel embarked on a search for the missing hiker, Mr. Lee. The Ramada personnel were in contact with the hiker via cellphone however, the language barrier made communication with the rest of the team, very difficult. This initial search started about 12:10am, accessing the crater trail from Kittitian hill and lasted until about 4:15 am. The search area was accurately identified but the rescue efforts were hampered and subsequently had to be suspended because of unfavourable cold, rainy and foggy conditions. The rescue
efforts were resumed at first light and continued throughout the day with the collaboration of a number of entities including the Police lead by Insp. Caines, Fire and Rescue Services, hiking guides Mr. Antonio Agard and Mr. Tyrone Belle, Defence Force and the Boys Scouts. The mission ended on a very high note when a very exhausted but cheerful Mr. Lee was successfully located in a deep ravine some distance off the trail. The response team slowly lead him out of the ravine, back onto the trail and out of the forest to Kittitian Hill, where an Emergency Medical Services unit was waiting to give him attention and take him away for further treatment. Mr. Lee expressed his gratitude to his rescuers.

“This was a successful outcome to what could have been a potentially grave or even fatal situation,” said Dr. Browne. “In light of this, while we at the Department of Environment continue to encourage the community to enjoy the serenity of our lust tropical rainforest, we firmly implore hikers and other users of the Central Forest Reserve National Park to respect the Park’s environment and to adhere to the
protocols.” Dr. Browne noted that such protocols include;

− Journey with a trained and responsible Guide.
− Before venturing and upon leaving the Park, notify the relevant authorities in
the Department of Environment. Office: (869) 466-8535,
chizme_21@yahoo.com, Forestry Officer: 664-7226.
− In case of emergency let responsible person(s) know where you are going, the
time frame of your activity and with whom.
− Stay on the trail. Identify and adhere to the official signage and trail blazes. It
is an offence to tamper with the official signage and trail blazes.
− Never hike alone. Leave no-one alone, stay in close contact with each other.
− Absolutely no littering.
− No unauthorized cutting, gathering, hunting or removal of natural materials
including plants or animals.
− Take adequate supplies including water, snacks, cellphone, medication, etc.
− Dress appropriately for the environment and the activity to be undertaken.
− Adhere to instructions given by authorised personnel (Rangers, security
officers, Search and Rescue personnel, etc.).

Dr. Eric Browne would like to express gratitude to all involved in making this mission
a success in seeing the safe return of Mr. Lee as we strive to conserve, preserve and
protect our community.


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