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St Kitts and Nevis Government busted illegal marriage ring


Published 15 November 2022


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ST KITTS AND NEVIS RECENTLY RUINED an illegal marriage ring which preyed on foreigners’ desire to obtain citizenship of the 39-year-old, twin-island, Caribbean Federation, Prime Minister, Dr Terrance Drew recently announced during a radio interview.

“We are going to put a committee in place to make sure that our citizenship is not abused in that way,” Dr Drew said announcing the dismantling of the illegal nuptial group.

The PM did not disclose who discovered the existence of the group performing illegal marriages; who were its masterminds; or how much the parties paid for the ceremony which paved the way for the much-sought-after citizenship status.

He did say however that officials found evidence where a number of persons were getting married for the sole purpose of securing citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis.

“This was becoming almost a daily operation in terms of persons using marriage to gain citizenship,” the PM disclosed.

“This is very sad. This is why if I ever doubted that people knew about it, and that is why they wanted a change (of government). I am very satisfied that is where people were at, there is no doubt anymore,” Drew declared.

He said the administration is “looking to see the extent (of the illegal plot how far) that run. we are going to put a committee in place to make sure that our citizenship is not abused in that way,” he reminded.

Appropriate action is guaranteed, Drew said, against all culprits in the scheme following a thorough probe by a government-named investigating team.

The SKNLP administration will study several reports which, he said, are critically important in ensuring that several past atrocities will never recur in Basseterre. 

These include “the Herpes Report, the Stem Cell report and the Hushpuppy Report,” the PM reminded.

“These will have to come to the people because things must never happen again to our people here and to our country,” Drew counselled.

Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew

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