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Armed Robbery

Published 3 May 2017

Incident Type: Armed Robbery/Vehicle Theft

Location: Paradise Heights, near airport

Time/Date: May 2, 2017. Report received approximately 11 p.m. Incident occurred about 11 pm.

Buckie Got It…..Two masked male suspects, one armed with a handgun both about 6ft tall

A Community Member, who is currently a house-guest of a another Community Member who is not on island, reported that she exited the driver’s side of her parked vehicle and noticed her passenger door was ajar. When she turned back to close the car door, two males approached her and attempted to hold her down and tape her mouth shut. She told them she had money, and they released her, took the vehicle, her purse containing her ID, drivers license and cell phone and drove toward the direction of Conaree/Cayon. The vehicle is identified as a white Wrangler from Bullseye car rental. No injuries reported.

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