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Published 5 August 2017

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis

Friday 4th August, 2017 (St. Kitts & Nevis) – Six (6) electric young ladies will be competing in this year’s National Swimsuit Queen Pageant. The competition will be held on Wednesday 27th December at 7:00 pm, at the Sugar Mill, Warner Park Cricket Stadium. The Pageant, as customary, will be paired with the Mr. GQ Competition. Both competitions were introduced in 2015 for Sugar Mas 44.

The National Swimsuit Queen Pageant is opened to candidates between ages 18 to 30, whilst the Mr. GQ’s age range is 18 to 35. Neither competition restricts applicants from being parents. In fact, the Swimsuit Pageant was designed to provide a forum for such young ladies to demonstrate their talents, given that they do not have an opportunity to enter the National Carnival Queen Pageant. Likewise, the Mr. GQ competition allows gentlemen who would opt out of participating in the Calypso and Soca Competitions to have a Show that matches their theatrical preferences.
The segments of the Pageant include Opening Number, Creative National Pride Swimwear, Glitz & Glam Swimwear, Identical Swimwear and On-stage Interview.
The winner of the Pageant competes regionally as did our former and current reigning National Carnival Swimsuit Queens, Ms. Alsanarda Hanley in 2016, and Ms. Shakira Pitt this year. Both Ms. Hanley and Ms. Pitt won the Ms. Venus Competition, which is hosted in Anguilla every Summer.
The St. Kitts Nevis National Carnival Committee is in high gear with preparations for Sugar Mas 46. For example, registration for Pageants, Shows, Service Providers, etc., opened since April 2017, which records indicate can be a first in St. Kitts-Nevis.

The six (6) Contestants in this year’s St. Kitts Nevis National Swimsuit Queen Pageant are:

Contestant #1 – 24 years old, Ms. Chiari Morton from Half Way Tree

Contestant #2 – 29 years old, Ms. Deshona Perinchief from Main Street, Dieppe Bay

Contestant # 3 – 24 years old, Ms. Anita Sulllivan from Ottleys Village

Contestant #4 – 25 years old, Ms. Jascur Hobson from Shadwell Estate

Contestant #5 – 24 years old, Ms. Olivia Walters from Stapleton Village

Contestant #6 – 23 years old, Ms. Jackeima Flemming from Farm Site, Sandy Point

The Casting Call for the Contestants was held on July 22nd. Nine (9) Ambassadors were interviewed by a panel of seven (7) independent judges.
Visit us at www.skncarnival.com or follow us on our Facebook page for more information.
“Participate; Get in the Mix for Sugar Mas 46!”

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