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The SKELEC Power Soca Monarch elimination competition will be on Friday, 1st December 2023

Published 14 November 2023


Buckie Got It Media Source

26 gifted artists who submitted their music before the deadline of Friday 10th November will perform live in the elimination stage of the SKELEC Power Soca Monarch competition, scheduled for Friday, 1st December.

Out of these challengers, 10 exceptional talents will advance to the final stage of the SKELEC Power Soca Monarch Competition. The two winners from last year’s Soca Monarch competition, Stadics (Power) and Mr Bagnall (Groovy) will advance automatically to the Finals and have until the day of the Eliminations to declare whether they will be participating in the final stage of the competition.

We present the Soca artists performing in the elimination stage of the competition, along with their respective entries:

  1. Charvis Isaac (Luck Boss) – “Carnival Madness”
  2. Jervin Vanterpool (Jervin) – “Carnival Sickness”
  3. Nikita (Nikita) – “Pick Up Something”
  4. Junior Newton (Badman Polo) – “Speechless”
  5. Jahren Pryce (Musicman Jahren) – “Breadman”
  6. Kevron Mulley (Mulley Media) – “Fake Bum”
  7. Franklyn Percival (Tbone) – “Pirates”
  8. Bjorn Bassue (Mr. Hype) – “Pot spoon”
  9. Nickhail Rogers (Nickhail) – “Sail”
  10. Basil Prescott (Blade) – “Outrage”
  11. Craig McDowell (C-Mac) – “Put Something Up”
  12. Rocco Browne (Rocco Dan) – “Sugar Mas”
  13. Shakier Challenger (Tuff Vybz) – “Old School Bounce”
  14. Javid Wilkinson (Short Dan) – “Fake Fren”
  15. James Edward Ashton (Klymate) – “Real Mas”
  16. Learie Hobson (King Honesty) – “Bun Dem Calories”
  17. Akeem Manners (Footsy) – “Loose De Thing”
  18. Odito Morton (Adowah) – “Sweat Out”
  19. Delroy Huggins (Delly Ranks) – “Hyper”
  20. Shavon Lawrence (Farda Tustee) – “Mr. Problem”
  21. Nayala Daniel (Ny) – “Whole Stage”
  22. Kelvin Kelly (Ras Kelley) – “ Show Case”
  23. Kenyatta Warner & Christian Kamal Nathaniel (Issa Kamal & Easi) – “Show”
  24. Jason Mitchum (5 Star Pino) – “2 Can Play that Game”
  25. Jevon Richards (Westside) – “Carnival Hog”
  26. Jason Kyte (KT-Dan) – “Imprint”

The committee expresses its gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and supporters who have made this event possible. We eagerly invite everyone to join us at the eliminations on 1st December, as we celebrate our rich cultural heritage and the talents that continue to uplift and define our sweet Sugar Mas.

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