Flash Flood watch Statement 7th February 2024

Published 7 February 2024


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Weather Bulletin

A flash flood watch is extended for low lying and flood prone areas of Anguilla and
the British islands until 8 am tomorrow Thursday.

Meanwhile, a flash flood watch goes into effect, for Antigua and Barbuda,
Montserrat and St. Kitts and Nevis from 8 pm today Wednesday to 8 pm

A flash flood watch means that moderate to major flooding is possible but not
imminent in the watch area. Flash flooding is a very dangerous situation. These
watches could be upgraded to warnings if necessary.

Residents in low lying and flood prone areas should make preparations for flooding
to safeguard life and property. They should be prepared to move to higher ground if
flooding rains develop or a flash flood warning is issued.

A frontal trough over the British Virgin Islands is causing periodic heavy showers.
This system is moving towards the east and will likely be in the vicinity of the
leeward islands by tonight. Already, up to 4 inches of rain have fallen in some places
in the last 24 hours and another 1 – 4 more inches is possible by Thursday 8 pm.
Hence, moderate to major flooding of low lying and flood prone areas is possible.

Antigua and Barbuda meteorological services will continue to monitor the weather
situation. Please stay tuned to local radio or television to watch updates and possible

Orvin Paige
Antigua and Barbuda MET Service

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