Respect for the House Keepers

Buckie Got It…. which is the number 1 place to pick up germs?
I’ll tell you… at your work place.
We need to be respectful the cleaners (house keepers) and think about our health and others. These house keepers are HUMAN and can and will get sick if we continue this practice of uncleanliness.
Do we need signs all over the restroom of how to use a toilet and face basin?

Do you think it’s easy wanting to ease your belly and on entering the sent knocking you down or when you lift up the toilet seat it’s full on mess?
Why ladies have to be reminded of deposing of their sanitary napkins (Pads) in the bin and not down the toilet?

When we will we more mature. You can’t tell me at home you don’t do it but yet you come to the work place and be disrespectful to these house keepers.

Mr Wrensford taught me when I use to work Social Security always walk with napkins in my pockets. Do you know why? So that before I use the toilet, wipe the seats off. Thanks to long time boss man.

Why do you think some ladies gets infections and they wonder if their significant other is cheating on them? This is because you do not clean up after your self. Many ladies as we often say “cockup” stoop over the toilet to urinate. You cant even be comfortable because you are afraid of getting an infection from what another person may left behind.

Help me to help you to be a better person. Sign and approved by Buckie Got It and Buckie always Got It

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