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Published 12 April 2017

Don’t miss what will be a fantastic day at Black Rocks this coming Friday. GOOD FRIDAY KITE FLYING COMPETITION…Get your kites made and come! Biggest Kite $1000, most Creative Kite $500, Highest Kite $500, Oldest person with a Kite 300 (grandma and grandpa we are not leaving you out. Youngest person wins a prize too. Other competitions such as SACK RACE, LIME AND SPOON, Dominoes, Cricket…prizes, prizes, prizes. BOUNCING CASTLES, MASQUERADE, DRINKS, DUMPLING AND SALTFISH, KONKIE! MUSIC…WHAT A DAY IT WILL BE!!! I’m not missing it!!! Remember, everyone is invite to attend and compete. Me done got me kite and it’s orange!!!. Yours don’t have to be, bring what you have and come. See you there.

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