Young Money Entertainment Event Permit was denied

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Published 4 June 2017

Buckie Got It…. once again Young Money Entertainment has face an uphill battle trying to keep an event in the federation. After months of planning his event Detention with Jamaican artist Shenseea along with many local DJs and two (2) bands last night (3 June 2017), the permit was denied on the very same night.

The last time he was face with this similar situation was some years ago with Jamaican artist Alkaline who was slated to perform in Nevis. However after a rough battle of negotiation with the police officers and Christian council, the Rt. Hon Douglas came to his rescue and the show was kept in St. Kitts instead of Nevis. The same artist was invited back here in St. Kitts to perform with no conflict.


What is the correct procedure for obtaining a permit to have an event?

What is the time frame to submit a permit?

Persons has notice that during this process, the officer response will be that the permit has been submitted to early or too late.

If an establishment has a license to keep function which would involve loud noises, would you need a permit still to have an event?

We are living in a very small population of about 45,000 people where everyone knows what happening. It would have been professional coming from the police force to guide young Money Entertainment with his event. After weeks of broadcasting the event, they could reach out to him about the permit request.

How can we work with the police when these unprofessional practice are been carried out? How can they prevent Young Money Entertainment from making a living?

Why was the permit denied? On what grounds?

Is that Shenseea was categorized like Alkaline worshiping the Devil? 

Why, why, why, was the permit denied?





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