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South Friars Beach Bars Owners Lease Agreement Terminated!

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Published 29 January 2018

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

by: Media Source

South Friars Beach Bars Owners Lease Agreement Terminated!

It has been alleged that on Sat Jan 27 2018 the owners of all the beach bars on South Friars except Carambola had their leases terminated and were told to evacuate by the end of February.

One will argue that 30 days notice is not much time for any of these bars owners  to even consider relocating properly and some had even paid their rent a year in advance already. It seems that the owner is simply in a hurry to get rid of the bars in a quick effort to meet the demands of the buyer of the land. Allegation that the a developer with plans for a Ritz Carlton has bought both South and North Friars.
In times past this area was restricted from development because of its value as a wetland area for migrating birds, and because of its low lying nature and being in a hurricane zone. At some point it appears that the regulations were changed as they were in other parts of The Federation, making the value of the property sky rocket.
The bars along South Friars such as Shipwreck, Godfathers, Olivia’s, Discovery, Sunset to name a few, all lease their land from the owner of the larger property. Normally when a lease is to be terminated the owner gives sufficient notice to allow tenants to deal with the situation, but only 1 month notice has been given. There seems to be no need for such a rush even if the actual eviction cannot be stopped.


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