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Published 06 November 2018

Buckie got it St Kitts and Nevis News Source

Basseterre, St. Kitts, November 05, 2018 (SKNIS): Twenty-three persons from various communities across St. Kitts received free training in First Aid and CPR on Saturday (November 03) enabling them to render assistance in cases of medical emergencies.

The training was held at the Red Cross Headquarters and organized by the Department of Youth Empowerment. It was one activity on the calendar of events for Youth Month 2018. The workshop was attended by members of youth-related groups and organizations, as well as youth serving agencies.

Registered nurse and midwife, Keisha Bloice, participated in the session and said it was extremely beneficial.

“It was very informative and I learnt so much,” she stated. “Even though I am a nurse for [16] years, the world outside of the hospital setting is so different and we learnt things today that would really help in getting things done on the roadside or a situation at home where you won’t have all the necessary stuff to work with.”

Each participant engaged in practical exercises that featured how to perform CPR, how to make a triangular bandage, how to relieve choking (Heimlich manoeuvre), and how to treat open fractures, cuts and bruises, as well as burns and others. Theoretical sessions covered a wide variety of issues including symptoms of a stroke, heart attack, seizures, diabetes attack and more.

Shakquan Hodge is a national athlete and a coach at the Department of Sports. He said that the first aid and CPR training was especially useful as he interacts regularly with student-athletes in volleyball, and table tennis, as well as track and field. This new found knowledge will allow him to assist the trainer in the event of medical emergencies. Hodge added that the information on proper care for the body expanded his knowledge on proper nutrition which is vital for athletes.

Shirmel Edwards, Youth Director of the Way, Truth and Life Assembly Youth Group, commended the Department of Youth Empowerment for organizing the session.

“I am very grateful. I thought it was quite innovative to show the partnership link between the department and the Red Cross, and I welcome and embrace such an initiative,” she stated, promising to share the knowledge she learnt with members of her group.

The session was facilitated by Natalie Fough, Director General of the St. Kitts and Nevis Red Cross, who was supported by three additional trainers from the organization. Mrs. Fough commended the enthusiasm of the trainees that braved the inclement weather on Saturday to ensure that they can attend the interactive class.

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