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Published 16 December 2019

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source


U – 17 Youth League 

at Newtown Playing Field 

Match #1 

Sandy Point  3 – 2  Bath Utd 

Scoring for Sandy point 

Roshawn Daniel 52nd min 

Itandre Shield 59th min 

Jahlyan Burt 77th min 

Scoring for Bath 

Kenaicy Dorset 64th min 

Rocco Browne 70th min 

Yellow cards 

Jahlyan Burt (sandy point) 36th min 

Jalden Myers (bath) 36th & 74th min 

Dequan Henry (sandy point) 78th min 

Red card 

Jalden Myers (bath) 74th min 

Officials were Kareem Benjamin, Delroy Jeffers & Jason Rouse 

Match # 2

Flow 4g Cayon   2 – 1  Skrave Newtown Utd 

Scoring for Cayon

Kalab Bridgewater 2 goals – 16th & 51st min 

Scoring for Newtown 

Ajahani Richards 80th min 

Yellow cards for Newtown 

Erickson Pacheco 18th min 

Shamar Powell 34th min 

Kennedy Rodriquez 49th min 

Officials were David Phipps, Jaden Rouse & Walter James 

at Warner Park 

H E Garden Hotspurs  vs  St Thomas Trinity Strikers

** St Thomas Trinity Strikers did not show up for the match. 

Officials were Tyrone Nisbett, Kenni Martin & Tyra Wilkinson 

at the Gardens 

Dieppe bay youth stars  vs  Rams Village Superstars 

**Dieppe bay did not show up for the match. 

Officials were Mervonjae Pemberton, Juniequa Matthew & Latoya James 


U – 15 Youth League 

at Limekiln 

Match # 1 

St Thomas Trinity  vs  H E Garden Hotspurs 

** St Thomas Trinity did not show up for the match. 

Officials were Elvis Isaac, Rasheem Hopkins & Juson Gordon 

Match # 2 

Rams Village Superstars  2 – 4   S Krave Newtown Utd

Official was Zoend Browne 

at Bath Playing field 

Bath Utd vs  SOl IAS Conaree Utd 

** SOL IAS Conaree Utd did not show up for the match. 

Officials were Garfield Virgo & Judene TYson  

Division 1

at Limekiln 

Bath Utd  4 – 1  Rivers of Living Water 

Scoring for Bath 

Kofi Majors 2 goals – 49th & 87th min 

Dejal Myers 2 goals – 53rd & 80th min 

Scoring for Rivers 

Ricky Tyson 77th min  

Officials were Reginald Gumbs, Jason Rouse & Zoend Browne 

at Bath Playing Field 

Hardtimes Utd  0 – 8  KFC Challengers Utd 

Scoring for Challengers 

Bernell Hobson 2nd min 

Clyde Herbert 2 goals – 10th & 16th min 

Curvis collins 2 goals – 12th & 76th min 

Kenrick Phillip 2 goals – 20th & 52nd min 

Jaquan Daniel 62nd min 

Yellow cards 

Shavon Parris (hardtimes) 45th min 

Tyquan Warner (challengers) 60th min 

Officials were Jason Audain, Garfield Virgo & Kendall Fahie 

Women’s League Carnival Cup Finals 

at Warner Park Stadium 

Skrave Newtown Utd Females  3 – 0  Flow 4G Cayon Females

Scoring for Newtown Females 

Chioma Henry 37th min 

Aichelle Irish 56th min 

Zonia Marshall 61st min 

Officials were Maliik Liburd ,  Jasmine Charles, Tahirah Willock & Johmal Allen 

RA: Delroy Jeffers   


at Warner Park Stdaium 

Match #1 

Fast Cash Saddlers  Utd  7 – 4  Elco Ltd Security Forces 

Scoring for Saddlers 

Diaundre Henderson 6th min 

Xavier Henry 2 goals – 11th & 19th min 

Nicquan Phipps 2 goals – 17th & 71st min 

Evansroy Barnes 2 goals – (pk) 28th & 90th min 

Scoring for Security Forces 

Lesburt Jefferies 22nd min 

Shevenne Boston hat trick – (pk) 45th, 63rd & (pk) 78th min 

Yellow cards for Saddlers 

Junieque Eddy 45th min 

Nicquan Pjipps 73rd min 

Evansroy Barnes 88th min 

Sean Liburd 90th min 

Officials were Trevester Richards, Lenroy Parris, Yohan Henderson & Jermaine Wickham 

RA: Kendrea Tully 

GC: Theo Clarke 


Rams Village Superstars  6 – 1  Skrave Newtown Utd 

Scoring for Village 

Tiran Hanley 2 goals – (pk)23rd & 29th min 

Tahir Hanley 2 goals – 39th & 72nd min 

Diquan Johnson 2 goals – 53rd & 73rd min 

Scoring for Newtown  

Kennedy Isles 46th min 

Yellow cards 

Ordell Flemming (Village) 20th min 

Ian Lake (Newtown) 21st min 

Tiran Hanley (Village) 30th min 

Meneliek Gumbs (Newtown) 35th min 

Keon Battice (Newtown) 60th min 

Officials were Nicholas Rose, Graeme Browne, Shakel Campbell & Kareem Benjamin 

RA: Malcolm Ramsey 

GC: Diane Browne 



at Warner Park Stadium 

Match #1 

Flow4G Cayon Rockets  6 – 0  Mantab 

Scoring for Cayon 

Jayan Duncan 2 goals – 21st & 63rd min 

Vinceroy Nelson hat trick 29th, 60th & 66th min 

Javern Matthew 77th min 

Yellow cards 

Elroy Carey (Mantab) 14th min 

Quanieki Clarke (Cayon) 68th & 80th min 

Jayan Duncan (Cayon) 72nd min

Rohan Grey (Mantab) 76th min 

Andre Barnes (Mantab) 90th min

Red card 

Quanieki Clarke (Cayon) 80th min 

Officials were Sanchez Bass, Tyra Wilkinson, Yohan Henderson & Maliik Liburd

RA: Troy Mills

GC: Michelle Collins 

Match #2 

S L Horsford’s St. Pauls Utd  3 – 0  SOL IAS Conaree 

Scoring for St. Pauls 

Akimba Lawrence hat-trick 16th, 49th & 54th min 

Yellow cards 

Tijanie Fahie (Conaree) 23rd & 24th min 

Taju Clarke (St. Pauls ) 43rd min 

Red Card 

Tijanie Fahie (Conaree) 24th min 

Officials were Tristley Bassue, Jaden Rouse, Jason Rouse & Reginald Gumbs 

RA: Kenni Martin 

GC: Derrick Fyfield 

” Experience ” 

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