Area of disturbed weather east of Barbados

Published 27 July 2020

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Barbados Today

Published on
July 26, 2020

The Barbados Meteorological Services is closely monitoring an area of disturbed weather located near 11N 35W (2700 km or 1690 miles east of the island).

Current Situation: Although the system has become better organized during the course of the night, convection remains poorly organized for now primarily due to the rather broad circulation and dry air wrapping in from the north east of the system.

There are no watches or warnings in effect for Barbados and this system poses absolutely no threat to the island at this time.

Intensity Forecast: As the system progresses westward, some slow but gradual development is forecast and a tropical depression is likely to develop over the next day or two. T

Track Forecast: Currently there is a fairly good consensus in the model guidance that the system will track westward and then west northwestward over the next few days. With that said, such a track would take the center and associated cyclone winds closer to the Leeward islands ( well away from Barbados ) by Thursday.

Recommendations to the Public:

Monitor the situation closely with the BMS over the next few days.

The next update will be at 6 pm Sunday.

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