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Montraville farms domino tournament

Published 22 October 2020

Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

Games played on Tuesday night in the Montraville farm
St Thomas Trinity Parish
Domino Tournament

Newcomers vs Link up bar
Link up bat won 13 to 9 games

    Players for Link up bar
Madhouse and Lallin 4 games
Ladrick and Nore 2 gamed
Teslin and Ramee 5 games
    Players for Newcomers
Machiner and Lana 4 games
Eddison and Rickey 1 game
Blanched and Black 2 games
Delaney and Bernnes 2 game Kethley and Delany 1 game

Alleyboys vs Yardboys Alleyboys won 13 to 6 games
    Players for Alleyboys
Kevin and Roger 3 games
Roger and Dwayne 1 game
Snaggers and Amoy 9 games

    Players for Yardboys
Ashton and Baby 2 games
Langie and Omar 1 game
Baby and Geejoe 2 games

Poor man pocket vs Til a marnin
Poor man pocket won 13 to 9 games
    Players for poor man pocket Annie and Carl 9 games Marsh and Forgie 2 games.

Marstes vs Knock dem out
Masters won 13 to 8 games
    Players for masters
D.Rowlins and J.Dore won 5 lost 3
H.Boon and J Hanley won 4 lost 1 C. Agard and C.pemberton won 2 lost non
W W.Agard and J. Hanley won 2 lost 3

Players for Knock dem out
Zas and Sillidy 4 games
Yoco and Dbo 4 games

Games Continues on thursday night at
Tropic bar green tree project
Alleyboys vs Newcomers
Masters vs Poor man pocket

Til a marnin vs Knock dem out at cozier bar Lambert

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