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Super Six Updated Stats

Published 10 December 2020


Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

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2020 Premier League Super 6 Stats

Congratulations to the S.L Horsford St. Pauls United and the Rams Village Superstars who have advanced to the Best of Three Finals.
Congratulations are also extended to the players awarded Man of the Match for the Super Six Playoffs:

  • Azeem James –  St. Pauls United vs. St. Peters
  • Clifford Samuel – Conaree vs. Cayon Rockets
  • Lawrence Jeffers – Village Superstars vs. Garden Hotspurs
  • Vinceroy Nelson – Cayon Rockets vs. St. Pauls United
  • Brenden Tuckett – Garden Hotspurs vs. Conaree
  • Kimaree Rogers – Village Superstars vs. St. Peters
  • Keithroy Freeman – St. Pauls United vs. Conaree
  • Tyquan Terrell – St. Peters vs. Garden Hotspurs
  • Dillon Caines – Village Superstars vs. Cayon Rockets
  • Malik Hendrickson – Cayon Rockets vs. St. Peters
  • Keithroy Freeman – St. Pauls United vs. Garden Hotspurs
  • Denis Fleming – Village Superstars vs. Conaree
  • Steve Archibald – Cayon Rockets vs. Garden Hotspurs
  • Tyquan Terrell – Conaree vs. St. Peters
  • Keithroy Freeman – Village Superstars vs. St. Pauls United

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