Happy Birthday Ms. Kira Christian

Published 2nd February 2021


Buckie Got It, News Source

Happy Birthday Ms Kira Christian

As I prepare to celebrate my 44th birthday this week I am just here in my office reflecting on how great God has been to me. I have so much stories to tell but today I will just share this little one.

I grew up with my aunt who loved me dearly, nothing was too good for me and she was a child evangelist so I was flooded with daily prayers. I also grew up in the same house with my grandmother who didn’t like me at all. My grandmother would often tell me “you ain’t gon be nothing”, “you gon mek Rita shame” and a few other stuff. Little did my grandmother know that Rita’s prayers were stronger than her curses and God had a plan for my life. So to my grandmother and all the others who spoke negativity over me I am here to tell you that Jehovah had the final say and he destined me for greatness. So all who said I will be nothing here I am today, from a preschool teacher to an Airport agent to a marketing Associate then climbed the ladder to the Executive assistant to the CEO and now the Personal Assistant to the Minister of Tourism. Let God be praised!!!!!

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