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Da Silva: In this fight together

Published 15 February, 2021


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Barbados Today

A fight we are all in together. This is how Chairman of the Innotech Group, Anthony Da Silva, described the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Sunday Da Silva’s company donated 200 cases of water to members of the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) towards their Seek and Save campaign.

Da Silva acknowledged that though times were hard for several businesses on the island, this was the time to give back in a meaningful way to aid in the fight against the virus.

“This is a challenging time for Barbados. Barbadian companies have been stretched, there are no two ways about it. But surely we can do more as corporate Barbados, and we ought to assist more where we can. Everyone can’t do the same amount, everyone can’t do the same efforts, but surely there is something everyone can do to assist this national effort, because that is what it is. This is a fight we are all in together,” he said.

Haigh Communications Inc. facilitated the team up between Innotech and the BDF.

Lt Col Junior Browne graciously thanked Da Saliva for the donation, and said the BDF remains committed to the task of not only assisting in the current Seek and Save campaign, but also other activities directed at bolstering the island’s response to the COVID-19 fight.

“We do need the support of all of Barbados as we carry out our duties, and not only from a security perspective as we usually do, but you would have seen over the past year, that we have been actively involved in the military assistance to the civil ministry, in terms of our assistance to the Ministry of Health and Wellness in this COVID-19 fight,” he said. (SB)

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