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Update: Helicopter Crash on St. Thomas

Published 15th February 2021


Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

Earlier this afternoon, there was a helicopter crash on St. Thomas, in the area of Botany Bay. According to eyewitnesses, the helicopter crashed on land, in the bush. Tourists visiting the Botany Bay area witnessed some of the aftermaths of the crash.

“I was down swimming in Sandy Bay and saw the helicopter go over head. I did not see it crash, but did see the smoke coming up out of forest,” Josh Geller said. “I hope they are okay.”

“Up the hill, we saw a lot of black smoke, and could smell the chemical odor,” Natasha Klingenberg, who was also swimming in the Sandy Bay area, said.

St. Thomas Rescue, V.I. Police Department, V.I. Fire Service and VITEMA were all at the scene following the crash. VITEMA public relations officer Erik Ackerson had no further details to report at this time.

An ambulance leaving the scene after a helicopter crashed in the Botany Bay area. 

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