Published 16 February, 2021


Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

by: Rt Hon Dr Denzil Llewelyn Douglas

LET’S TALK Covid19 mRNA Vaccine!

From medical training, knowledge and understanding, the mRNA (messenger RNA) Covid-19 Vaccination by itself, DOES NOT PREVENT transmission of the Corona Virus although it SHOULD PREVENT Contraction of the Covid-19 Disease.

The mRNA Vaccine is a new type of Vaccine. It’s not a live or attenuated form of the Corona virus. It SHOULD NOT cause the Covid-19 disease. What the Vaccine mRNA material does instead is teaching our Immune system Cells how to make proteins that trigger our immune system to produce relevant and specific antibodies to fight the infectious Corona virus and develop immunity.
It is expected therefore that after a period of time post vaccination, when the body is exposed again to the Corona virus, either by transmission from an infected person or from contaminated surfaces, the body’s immune system already primed and stimulated by the Vaccine mRNA to RECOGNISE AND REMEMBER the Virus RNA, begins to protect the body by attacking the virus that’s transmitted into the body.
So usually the person will not experience symptoms and signs of illness, but if he does, it should be the manifestation of the disease(Covid-19) in a mild form.

What may be happening in the 4 Oregon cases in the media, is that a VARIANT of the corona virus has emerged and their immune systems, not exposed to it before, have no memory of it and have not produced the specific antibodies to fight it, and as a result the persons have become ill and showing symptoms and signs of Covid-19.

What this could mean is that the corona virus is still mutating and as a result its behavior is somewhat unpredictable.

The ADVICE must continue to be PREVENTION……
1. Wear your mask
2. Avoid crowds of people who are especially not masked
3. Sanitize your hands and frequently touched surfaces
4. Continue to strengthen your immune system by eating right and taking adequate rest.

I should make the point again that Vaccination does not PREVENT TRANSMISSION OF THE VIRUS but instead SHOULD PREVENT COVID-19 ILLNESS.

Transmission/Spreading of the Virus is prevented by following the 4 Guidelines above.

Until we achieve herd immunity, the Corona virus which MAY BE WITH US FOREVER, will continue to cause COVID-19 Disease/Illness UNLESS we practise the 4 Prevention Protocols above.


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