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STEP Director Greene visits businesses hosting STEP interns in Nevis

Published 16 April, 2021


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STEP Director Greene visits businesses hosting STEP interns in Nevis

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, April 16, 2021 (S.T.E.P.) — Director of the Skills Training Empowerment Programme (STEP), Mr Emile Greene and a team from the STEP head office in St. Kitts, spent most of the day Tuesday April 13 visiting and familiarising themselves with operations of businesses that are partnering with the STEP in the training of STEP interns.

“The trip today really was two-folds,” explained Mr Greene. “The first objective was to visit a number of employers and their business places so that we can see and speak to STEP interns and the employers so we can get a feel of how businesses are utilising, and training the interns.”

Accompanying Mr Greene on the Nevis trip were STEP Field Operations Manager Mr William Phillip, Accountant Mr Clive Nias, Executive Assistant Ms Sheniqua Lanns, and Basseterre-based Nevis Payroll Officer Ms Kimoy Dasent. Taking them to the business places was STEP Chief Field Officer in Nevis, Mr Oscar Browne.

The first stop was at the Nevis Craft House, Pinney’s Industrial Site in Charlestown, which is operated under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance in the Nevis Island Administration, and has ten STEP interns. They were met by Manager, Ms Marilyn Pemberton, who conducted them on a tour of the production area where they interacted with the STEP interns.

Fusion Metal Studio in Brazier’s Estate which has one STEP Intern was the next stop where they were met by and shown around the business area by owner, Mr Michael Liburd.

At Steppin’ Stone Nursery, Pump Road, Charlestown, which has three STEP interns they were met by Director Mrs Leonie Dasent. Here they were able to meet stars of the Covid-19 fight ‘Wash your hands promo’ video which airs on ZIZ Television. The three STEP interns, Ms Cherise Nisbett, Ms Karen Herbert, and Ms Maxine Slack, collaborated with the other staff at Steppin’ Stone Nursery to coach the children to act in the video.

According to Mrs Dasent, the children have taken part in another soon to be released Covid-19 fight promotion video, sensitising the public on the Covid-19 vaccination programme, with a clear message: ‘Don’t wait vaccinate’.

The group then swung on to Long Point where at J&F Fencing, manufacturers of chain link fence wires. Director Mrs Jeannette Robinson praised the entire Skills Training Empowerment Programme for not only coming to the aid of young persons seeking to better their lives, but also helping the companies that host the STEP interns.

STEP interns at J&F Fencing are Ms Karina Tyson doing administration work, and Mr Rasheed Moore who is working in the production department. Also present during the visit was the other J&F Fencing’s Director Mr Floyd Robinson.

Also at Long Point, just across the J&F Fencing facility, the STEP team visited Spider’s Auto, where they were met by CEO Mr Selwyn Delpeche, who described STEP intern attached to his frim, Mr K’Vaughn Smithen, as an A+ worker.

In the Gingerland area, Mr Greene and his team visited A-1 Farms Nevis where they were met by CEO Mr Mackie Tross. They were shown around three giant green houses where they were amazed at the high quality of food crops that are being grown. The facility has one STEP intern, and Mr Tross informed STEP Director Greene that he would wish to get an additional STEP intern.

The final stop was at the Joslyn Liburd Primary School in Gingerland, where CJ’s Electricals of Cherry Garden was installing WI-FI in all the classrooms. They were met by owner of CJ’s Electricals, Mr Jervon Liburd, who has three STEP interns attached to his business.

“The second objective was to meet with the STEP Nevis office staff to bring them up-to-date with all relevant matters that would affect the STEP staff within St. Kitts and Nevis,” explained STEP Director Mr Emile Greene. “For example we spoke about the regularisation process. We also spoke about getting the operations on a better footing, and more efficiency, which means that we have to make sure that persons are paid for the hours that they work.”

At the STEP Nevis office they were received by Manager, Mr Bernel Hanley, and according to Mr Greene, they also talked on how to keep the two separate offices in closer collaboration, better communication, and in general building and improving the interpersonal relationships between the Nevis staff and St. Kitts office staff.

“If I think about how the day went, I think it was fairly successful,” summed up Mr Greene. “I think we were able to have good communication with businesses and the STEP interns, and finishing here with the meeting with the office staff. I think it was excellent.”

STEP Director Mr Emile Greene (wearing mask), and STEP Nevis Office Manager Mr Bernel Hanley (wearing cap), pictured with the Nevis STEP staff, and STEP staff from the head office in Basseterre.
Nevis Craft House Manager, Ms Marilyn Pemberton, showing one of the craft items produced at the craft house. On the left is Mr Astro Browne, and with him is STEP Director Mr Emile Greene.
The team at Steppin’ Stone Nursery. Director Mrs Leonie Dasent is third from right, and STEP Director Mr Emile Greene (5th right) interacts with one of the children.
J&F Fencing: R-L Mr Clive Nias, Ms Kimoy Dasent, Ms Karina Tyson (STEP intern), Ms Sheniqua Lanns, Rasheed Moore (STEP intern), Mr Floyd Robinson, Mrs Jeannette Robinson, Mr Emile Greene, Mr William Phillip, and Mr Oscar Browne.   
At A-1 Nevis Farms: L-R Mr Oscar Browne, Mr Emile Greene, Mr Mackie Tross, Mr Clive Nias, Mr William Phillip, Ms Sheniqua Lanns, and Ms Kimoy Dasent.

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