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Remarks: Hon. Eugene Hamilton

Published 7 February 2022


Buckie Got It, St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

CONGRATULATIONS NEW HOMEOWNERS AT THE SPECTACULAR STAPLETON RESIDENCES I am indeed satisfied, elated as well as happy for these 22 families that were blessed last evening with keys to their new hones at the spectacular Stapleton Residences. These 22 families represent a wide criss section of our society and our people and of course constituents. They are a manifestation of this Team Unity administration’s committment to the spirit of UNITY. It is because of the spirit of UNITY that families receiving their homes today represent a microcosm of the demographics of our society.

a. The families represent the young, the middle aged, the not so young

b. There are families of three, four and five persons

c. While most families are registered with NHC as female headed households, there are more males in the houses combined

d. There are multiple nationalities; Jamaican, Santo Domingan, Guyanese, and of course St. Kitts and NevisIt is a microcosm of the demographics of our society.

I want to not only congratulate these 22 families but to also provide some advice My advice to you are simply these

1. An investment in a home is probably the single largest economic investment you will ever make in your lifetime and as the years go on costs will rise. In fact whether it is supply chain realities, environmental transformation of goods and services or gouging (not local gouging). NHC has earlier calculated that the home built for $165,000.00 in 2020 will cost $235,000.00 in 2022. And I believe with the most recent increases that cost could be even higher. It appears that every conceivable item that is used to construct homes have been and continues to be subject to increases in costs except water and perhaps electricity therefore treat your home with the utmost care and at every turn attend to its repair and maintenance. Delays in maintenance could enslave you. Further, you should never become delinquent in your payments to NHC as that is a recipe for your enslavement. Paying for anything in arrears digs deeply into your pockets and are never to be recovered resulting in you inflicting slavish circumstances upon your self and your family. If you are committing yourself to something that you cannot handle it is best to walk away and come again later

2. Avoid adding hire purchase to your debts. If you don’t have living room chairs, take your time before you try to acquire on hire purchase of by fast cash with compels you to pay 20% and 30% interest. We at NHC are giving you interest at 2% because we are concerned about your well being. It makes no sense that you put yourself in such debt which literally costs you an arm and a leg; my grand mother used to tell me that “ you have to learn to walk before you can run”

3. Show love and compassion in your home, yet discipline to work; wake up early; clean the home and their rooms; care for the surroundings that is part of their home; plant fruit trees where possible

4. Showing love and compassion impacts positively when conflicts arise as they sometimes will. As a Government we have done our part to house you is beautiful conditions and surroundings; we have asked for the minimum financial commitment from you that is possible if we are to pay what we have borrowed to complete these homes Now you have to play your part; be responsible; be caring; be compassionate; be humble

May God bless all of you and your families


Ms. Shona Billinghurst
Mr. Andre Huie
Ms. Ayana Hanley
Ms. Tamaju Kitwana
Ms. Oretha Thomas
Ms. Sandra Nisbett
Ms. Pamela Henry
Ms. Shontelle Williams
Ms. Dinique Bass
Ms. Sandrene Tyrell
Ms. Seana Oloughlin
Ms. Cassandra Greene
Ms. Jacqueline Dasent
Ms. Gertrude Pemberton
Ms. Sheila Davis
Ms. Carla Nwosu
Ms. Aquanette Belle
Ms. Ackilla Huggins
Ms. Fiona Halliday

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