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Congrats to Ms Amanda Williams- Khalu  Unique Touch Christian Centre Ministries 

Published 15 February 2022


Buckie Got It, St.Kitts and Nevis News Source 

Servant Hood may be defined as one who serves others. Unique Touch Christian Centre as a ministry serve our congregants with the utmost respect. Hence, when this spirit is seen reciprocated by members it is indeed an honour.

This honouree began worshipping with us not too long ago but this was not a deterrent to step up to the challenge of serving. It was at a time when our worship team was in need of new members and yes I will was the response. Church as we know it has administrative roles which are quite delicate and at times tedious. This task was undertaken with pleasure. The financial team with a sense of keenness has an additional pair of eyes.

Service at a level of being there for your leaders is very noble. Our Co-Pastor of this ministry can attest to this. She is often picked up and driven to church by this individual. Amanda Williams- Khalu your service to our ministry is greatly appreciated.

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