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NRPs Rohan Isles: “We still don’t know when the hospital is going to be finished”

Published 15 February 2022


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Incomplete Alexandra Hospital Expansion

NRPs Rohan Isles: “We still don’t know when the hospital is going to be finished”

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, February 15, 2021 (Nevis Reformation Party) — Healthcare
continues to be the topic of conversation among many people on the island of Nevis as big
questions remain surrounding the Alexandra Hospital Expansion Project initially scheduled for
completion in 24 months time but five years later, still ongoing.

“The time it has taken doesn’t meet basic construction criteria if I may put it like that because if
you are constructing a 500-room hospital, the general time is five to six years and that is from
conception to opening the doors to provide the service,” said Mr. Rohan Isles while appearing on
‘Your Voice with the NRP’ on Monday (Feb. 14) on VON Radio.

Mr. Isles, the NRP’s candidate for Nevis 3 (St. George’s Parish), added: “That is not the case
here. And so the question must be asked what is taking so long and I think we understand what is
taking so long.

I think that because this present administration refused wise counsel in terms of its design and
what ought to have happened, this is why we are here now. $19 million [and] 24 months. That
was the original plan. We are $19 million in going on five years and we still don’t know when
the hospital is going to be finished,” he continued.

Incomplete Alexandra Hospital Expansion
Incomplete Alexandra Hospital Expansion

During the October 06, 2021 press conference hosted by Premier and Senior Minister of Health
the Hon. Mark Brantley, he said “I don’t want to misspeak. I believe that the numbers I saw were
just over half a million US dollars that the cost was for the additional work…”

Mr. Isles continued: “One of the government’s rebuttals to the questions and concerns raised of
the present state of the new hospital was that they had only spent $14.5 million which meant that
they were on budget. Leadership of this government at one point in time said that the
construction was over budget and that there was to be a need for some more [funds] so which is
it? Are we under budget and on-time or are we over budget and over time?

Healthcare on the island of Nevis is in dire need of attention and the lack of necessary life-saving
medical equipment such as Dialysis Machines and MRI Machines continue to negatively affect
the delivery of healthcare.

A $19 million dollar budget was set for the Alexandra Hospital Expansion Project that broke
ground close to five years ago on May 31, 2017.

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