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Condolences to the Families & Friends of advisor Mr Ken Clifton

Published 21 April 2022


Buckie Got It, St.Kitts and Nevis News Source 

Indeed in the midst of life there is death and we all have that appointed time However, it can rip us to the core when it comes suddenly. Such is the case with the passing of a fellow Sandy Pointer, friend and advisor, Ken Clifton.

Kenrick at the time of his passing was the Town Councillor for Randolph Town in Massachusetts. He was the first person of color to occupy this position. He exemplified the fact that our citizens through education, hard work and commitment can rise from humble beginnings to attain any position that they so desire. Prior to, he served in such capacities as Permanent Secretary within the ministry of tourism and also did a stint at one of our missions overseas. Yet he remained humble and and continued to uplift others so that they too can reach the highest pinnacle.

In 2015 he accepted the invitation from PAM to be its guest speaker at our annual convention and admonished us to continue to build upon the sterling foundation that the Party had laid.

I extend condolences to his wife and children and in particular to a dear friend, Tazula Clifton-Phipps, his daughter. Additionally, to Violet Clifton, his sister who taught me math in high school. To all his other relatives and friends may God grant you comfort during your time of bereavement.

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