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Kendale Liburd & PLP #4 Exec gifted 380 mothers

Published 8 May 2022


Buckie Got It, St.Kitts and Nevis News Source  

Kendale Liburd & PLP #4 Exec gifted 380 mothers.

On Mother’s Day 2022 our dedicated team took time to honour some important individuals- mothers!
We honoured [those] near and far, touching all possible divides within our beloved constituency; From ethnicity, religion, mobility, age, and politics. WE HONOURED ALL.

A mother’s role is never-ending and your love is forever flowing, therefore we take this opportunity to celebrate you – Mommy, mom, mamá, ma, mother, Madre, grandma, etc.

“The love and atmosphere across the constituency was tremendous thus the mothers were receptive and appreciative.” – Kendale Liburd


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