Kendale Liburd say Happy 92 yearsMrs. Eugenis Watson aka Mama Watson

Published 21 July 2022


Buckie Got It St. Kitts and Nevis News Source

Mrs. Eugenis Watson aka Mama Watson has always been a mother to our community. Growing up I’ve always showed respect to her and looked up to her as one of our mothers in Old Road. I remember vividly as I child, going to her shop on several occasions. One of my favourite times is her doll display outside her shop during our Guy Fawkes celebrations which is unique to Constituency #4. She was so polite and welcoming thus she always had something to share with the many children who would visit her shop. With Mrs. Watson’s longevity, it was indeed my pleasure to visit her at her new residence and personally wish her a happy birthday. 92 years is a long way and it is an age I admire and hope to get to one day.

God’s continued Blessings Mama Watson

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