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Convocation at the Zion Moravian Church on Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Published 9 September 2022


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Convocation at the Zion Moravian Church on Tuesday, 6 September 2022.

Fiercely Focused is demanded of all who aspire to achieve great things.

Dr. Moyia Rowtham, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, spoke about fulfilling your purpose, having a selfless attitude, adjusting, and developing soft skills, leaving a legacy, and adhering to rules and regulations at CFBC as life preparation.

Dr. Susan Owen, Chair of the CFBC Board of Governors, spoke about having a wyrd individuality. No one has the same patterns as you, strive to increase your knowledge, and find your wyrd. Students should never ignore or give up on their wyrd.

Reverend Onita Samuel-Warner, pastor of the Zion Moravian Church, delivered the keynote address. Reverend Samuel-Warner spoke about the students’ attitude determining their own experiences and how it will also determine the outcome of their success. To make the most of every opportunity that comes your way; short-term goals can lead to long-term goals.

Dr. the Hon. Geoffrey Hanley, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Education, et al, spoke about striving for the highest and most educational possibilities. Education is a lifelong journey, so keep attending all your classes, finishing, and submitting your assignments, and listening to your lecturers. Make the most of this opportunity; it is not entirely free; someone is paying for it. Tertiary education will now receive more attention.


Ms. Micheleina Charles-Hazelle, Manager of Students Services

Faculty, Staff, and Students of CFBC

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