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The Transformation Of Education Begins With Teachers

Published 5 October 2022


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“The Transformation Of Education Begins With Teachers”

Spotlight: Thuvia Browne

Thuvia Browne grew up in the Old Road area as part of a close-knit family. As the fifth of six children, her education was essential in changing her socio-economic status and changing the lives of those in her community. She was an active member of the community, being a part of many church groups such as AYPA and Girls’ Brigade.

In 1995, after completing high school, she joined the staff of the Verchilds Primary School on the 25th of October. The journey wasn’t easy but with the help of many caring and mature colleagues, the experience became bearable. Hence, Ms. Browne furthered the experience by attending The Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College teacher’s division in 1998, where she worked tirelessly to obtain her license as a trained teacher. In 2000, Ms. Browne graduated and returned to the Tyrell Williams Primary Staff. Since returning to the classroom, Ms. Browne has shared her knowledge selflessly with her colleagues, persons on teacher training, and those at the Curriculum Development Unit. She readily seeks assistance from persons near and far just to ensure that the students and their parents are given a fair chance at succeeding.

This lady has continuously given her time and experience to change a ‘can’t-do’ into a ‘can-do’. As a result of her commitment, she has assisted with the grading of the Test of Standards where she played a major role in ensuring that students were given a fair chance. She also assisted in writing the newly implemented KAL pilot assessment papers and being a facilitator at the recently held Ministry of Education Summer Workshops for educators. Ms. Browne is passionate about students achieving academic and moral excellence. These are sound qualities that have her where she is today, excelling and changing the lives of the nation’s children.

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