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Published 14 November 2022


Buckie Got It, St.Kitts and Nevis News Source 


Basseterre: St. Kitts, Monday, November 14, 2022:​ Staff and students of the St. Pauls Primary school embarked on a week of activities entitled The Great Kindness Challenge which runs from Monday, November 14, to Friday, November 18. Guidance counsellor and organizer of the week Ms. Charmaine Williams briefed Education Media Unit on the inspiration behind the week which seeks to encourage healthy interpersonal relationships.

“As we are having some challenges at this time, I’m encouraging the students to be positive. Sunday, November 13 was recognized as World Kindness day, so I decided it would be good for us at St. Pauls Primary to celebrate the week so as to encourage our students to practice kindness not only during this week but throughout their lives”.

Recommending ways in which an individual may practice this virtue of kindness, Ms. Williams added

“Start with the simple things for the children, encourage them to speak ‘nice’ words; as it relates to their actions, I encourage them to smile at someone they meet and extend pleasant and polite greetings. As students practice these things, they are demonstrating kindness.”

Ms. Williams emphasized that Kindness Week is not only for the students but also the staff at St. Paul’s Primary and encourages the staff to practice kindness as the students model what they see and what they hear.

The week launched with an activity named “kick it into gear and help someone near” an activity aimed at inspiring the older students to help to the younger ones. Throughout the week students will demonstrate acts of kindness to themselves and others through the use of compliments, eating healthy snacks, inviting a new friend to play, engaging in random acts of kindness, and refraining from negative name calling.

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