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‘No future for my daughter under the CCM regime’ – Jaedee Caines

Published 8 December 2022


Buckie Got It, St.Kitts and Nevis News Source 

NEVIS REFORMATION PARTY (NRP) CANDIDATE JAEDEE CAINES CANNOT ENVISION A FUTURE for her nine-year-old daughter under another Concerned Citizens (CCM) regime.

“When I look at my daughter, I have to ensure that there is a bright future for her. As it is right now under this current administration, I don’t see that happening. This is near and dear to me. That is why I am asking all the people of Charlestown to come out in their numbers and give me a chance,” Caines said Wednesday night in a passionate campaign rally appeal.

Standard of living has deteriorated under CCM and Premier Mark Brantley. Hope is fading rapidly under his visionless decade-long leadership which has been a blight on the advancement enjoyed by Nevisians under past NRP administration when many owned their own homes, pursued tertiary education, established their own businesses, a cared adequately for their families.

Jaedee Caines 

This, she argued demands the return of the NRP as government.

”For far too long you have been taken advantage of. You deserve better,” Caines reminded the well-attended rally.

“Nobody is better than you! You should recognise and understand that you are as good as anyone else. Your constituency deserves development equal to anywhere else, and since you have been neglected in the past, we are saying give the good gentleman (Rohan Isles) an opportunity to serve you,” she stressed.

Batting for Isles’ candidacy, the mother-of­­-one told enthusiasticsupporters he is very humble, a team player and one who is genuinely interested in the well-being and welfare of his constituents. She urged voters to cast their ballot unanimously for him.

Caines reminded her listeners to remember the hurt, hardships, victimisation and discrimination suffered under Brantley’s CCM administration. She recalled the population is forced to enter Nevis through St Kitts because of the deterioration and eventual closure of their only airport due to the incumbent’s incompetence and lack of care.

“I hope that you recognise that you had to come through St Kitts because this current administration has made our airport the biggest post office ii this region. The only thing coming in there are letters and packages. That is the situation we are faced with on the island of Nevis and we have to lay these things squarely at the feet of this current (CCM) administration. That is the level of their incompetence.”

“They have been inept for nine consecutive years, why reward them with another five?” she questioned.

“It’s a shame that’s the situation that we’re in. You can’t get to enjoy the Christmas events; you can’t get to feel the Christmas season, because we have an election to contest. But nonetheless, the countdown is on because on Tuesday morning we will have a brand-new government.”

“So, I am not worried,” Caines said confidently.

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