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Minister Williams overpowered all Brantley’s obstacles

Published 11 December 2022


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Minister Williams overpowered all Brantley’s obstacles

FOR ALMOST A DECADE, Hazel Brandy Williams functioned continuously as a Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) Senator and Minister. First appointed by the late, venerable Vance Amory, Williams would later have to contend with the selfish, narcissistic, misogynistic bully, Mark Brantley.

Willams had enough of Brantley’s toxic leadership and exposed it in a taped testimony making the rounds in the media over the weekend.

This is how she characterised her stewardship as a CCM politician: “I entered public life as a nominated parliamentarian and cabinet minister some ten years ago in 2013, under the leadership of the late Premier Vance W Amory. I am thankful to God and Premier Amory for seeing in me the capabilities to be caring and the passion for good governance.”

“During my first term in office I was appointed Junior Minister with responsibility for Social Development, Community Development, Youth and Sports, Sustainable Human Development and the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF). In the area of youth and sports. I ensured that sporting facilities at Zion, Hard Times, St Georges recreation ground, the pavilion at Brown Hill play field, the Villa ground, the OJNplay field and the St Jameses race way were renovated. Full scholarships were sourced for persons to pursue studies with various sporting disciplines. We commenced the youth award programme and initiated FAME (Fashion Arts Music and Entertainment) a programme introduced for young designers and musicians to develop the Visual and Performing arts. Young men were provided with opportunities for assistance to start or develop businesses.”

She recalled that “the On the Block initiative for at-risk youths, which gave our youngsters a second chance through training, employment or through business creation. My work in community development, saw the establishment of a community youth Steelband in Jessups, Christmas Fusion in the square, community development month and university-level training for community development officers. Our Social Development programmes also experienced a much-needed and revitalising boost as I ensured that that assistance was provided, and we engaged disabled and the indigent among us.”

“We introduced a subsidised utility programme; launched a housing programme for single mothers, and implemented scholarships for teenage mothers and implemented several other life- changing initiatives. These accomplishments were a direct result of my love, genuine desire and passion to put people first, and because of the foresight of the late Premier Amory, who understood and appreciated my call to selfless service. He understood the value of team and team work, as well as the fact that each individual success meant the success of the team and ultimately for our beloved country, Nevis.”

“My profound and immeasurable thanks can’t be adequately expressed by mere words is extended to my team members including the Permanent Secretary (PS), Assistant Secretary, Heads of Department, and the entire staff across the ministry (of Health), as without their invaluable support, dedication and commitment, I and by extension, the ministry, may not have realised the many successes we enjoyed in that first term,” she remembered.

Her contributions to the CCM quickly faded into the background with the rise of Premier Mark Brantley unanimously described in Nevis as an arrogant, disrespectful, dictatorial bully.

Brantley, some have said, seems to draw leadership inspiration from ancient potentates, such as the Egyptian Pharaohs. Brantley relishes use of force; intimidation; disrespect, and other forms of fear and victimisation to get his own way. The Premier savours shutting out the voices of women too, many have complained bitterly.

Women make up a huge chunk of voters at tomorrow’s polls in Nevis, and can very well have the last laugh!

“The recent announcement of our Nevis Island election signals the beginning of our island’s political shift from one political era to the next. For me this election signals the end of my season of service of my Nevisian community and my transition to service in new dimensions,” Williams said.

She is convinced her posting to the Health Ministry by Premier Brantley was punitive.

“My second term began in earnest in January 2018 under a new Premiership and with a completely different ministerial portfolio, that of Health and Gender Affairs. I was somewhat disheartened with this change, as I was excited and wanted to capitalise on the achievements of the first term and continue to strengthen and see to completion my initiatives.”

“Be that as it may, fuelled by my desire to serve in whatever capacity where I was placed, I embraced the challenges that confronted me in the Ministry of Health. Health Care by its nature presents a continuous stream of challenges. However, I can proudly state that during my tenure in the Ministry of Health and Gender Affairs, I was able to initiate and oversee the regularisation of nurses’ salaries; the hosting of employee recognition awards; upgrades to all health centres on the island and outfitting them with backup generators.”

Notwithstanding the challenge in the healthcare sector, Willams said she was also able to relocate the Mental Health Unit to larger and more appropriate facility; procure a new fleet of trucks and heavy equipment for the Solid Waste Authority, and get two new ambulances to service the island. She was also able to get installed a brand-new CT (computed tomography) Scan at Alexandra hospital, one of only three of its kind in the region.

“In the department of Gender, a number of women were trained, retrained and retooled for sustainability, especially during the COVID lockdown situation. These achievements were fraught with challenges, but as you can see, they were not insurmountable for me,” she noted.


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