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Senator Williams exposes Premier Brantley

Published 11 December 2022


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Senator Williams exposes Premier Brantley

SENATOR AND MINISTER HAZEL BRANDY WILLIAMS OF THE CONCERNED CITIZENS MOVEMENT (CCM) in an explosive taped testimony over the weekend exposed Premier Mark Brantley as a selfish, narcissistic, misogynistic bully who no longer deserves to hold public office.

“In my second term of office, I witness the steady hand of the late Premier (Vance) Amory and his respect for others being (systematically) replaced by brash disregard for people. His modus operandi of teamwork and the consideration for differing opinions being replaced by self-aggrandisement,” Williams said in her statement.

“While Premier Amory’s emphasis was on the empowerment and the elevation of others, this has been replaced with the belittling, demeaning and threats of being made irrelevant meted out to anyone who dares to disagree with those at the top. I have found that this manner of leadership has stymied the spirit of innovation and critical thinking that once existed, and which served to propel our island forward,” she Senator explained.

Minister Hazel Brandy Williams and Premier Mark Brantley

The shocking revelation was released mere hours before an eagerly-anticipated election between the CCM and the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) headed by the quintessential Dr Janice Daniel – Hodge, battling for control of the island’s affairs for the next five years.

After Brantley weaseled his way to the top of the CCM podium, leaving a trail of anguished members, minister Williams revealed it quickly became apparent that leadership for the Premier was all for, and about, himself.

“With my basic tenets being integrity, transparency and accountability couple with my firm ideals for inclusion and respect for others I found it difficult in accepting, condoning or conforming to this adverse manner of leadership. As a result, I found myself ostracised by my own political party, not for lack of qualification, certainly not for lack of performance, definitely not for misappropriation of funds and absolutely not for pilfering government resources.” “Instead, I was ostracised for taking a stand for the right treatment of Nevisians; (I was blackballed for demanding) respect for all, and doing too much for the people of Nevis,” she explained.

Williams characterised her tenure in public office as pushing individual cases with the primary aim to provide a resolution for the betterment of the Charlestown’s citizens, seeking ways and initiatives to empower people, especially women and youth.

“The last decade in public office has been spent in full service for the people of Nevis. To the civil servants whose views and ideas are discounted, or not listened to, who feel, or are in fact feels disrespected, I strand in solidarity with you; to our youth who feel that all hope is lost and that the future may be dismal, and to those who lost benefits to be derived from the same programme, I stand in solidarity with you,” Williams said defiantly.

She pressed her case: “To our sports enthusiasts and other students who have been denied opportunities to study abroad, I stand in solidarity with you. To our young men deprived of opportunity for second chances at continuing education, obtaining work, or becoming entrepreneurs through the discontinuation of the On the Block programme, I stand in solidarity with you. To the single mothers whose housing programmes and other assistance has been discontinued because they would not have been considered to be priority initiatives, I stand in solidarity with you and with your families.”

“To our people who needed to rely on the social safety nets of government, but find that the programmes created to close the socio-economic gap between the haves and the have nots have been discontinued, I stand in solidarity with you,” Williams said in the taped testimony.

Said she, “Over the past decade, I have had the distinct honour and esteemed privilege to represent the Federation regionally and internationally on numerous occasions, and have left an indelible mark as the woman of passion, the mover and shaker of all things gender, the implementer, the trend setter, the innovator, the woman who makes things happen. As such, there is a wider professional community that I represent and for which I must continue to be a positive example.”

The minister stressed in a passioate plea to all public officials, to desist from the is representation, mudslinging, character assassination and deception and replace the politicking with good wholesome debate of the fact, issues and polices which could take Nevis forward and upward.

To voters in the Diaspora, she left this message: “To those of you who have come home to vote, whether you have paid your own way or someone paid it for you, welcome home. Now that you are here, I implore you to be guided by the facts, the realities of our day-to-day existence in Nevis. Seek to find the answers for yourself and do not accept what may have been thrust upon you. The decision you make when casting your vote should be one that should make life better for you and your family and friends.”

“Remember they remain here after you return to life abroad. Your decision should help them in making the simplest decisions on a monthly basis. No longer should they have to be juggling between paying bills or buying groceries. These my friend are the reality of life for some of us on our beloved Nevis,” she reminded.

The CCM minister reminisced: “Just the knowledge that I was able to positively impact your situation is forever etched in my mind, and I will be ever grateful for you and your stories as it will only propel me to do even more for others in the future. I must convey special thanks to the countless number of individuals who have used every opportunity to offer me support through the years in public office,” she acknowledged.

She was gracious to those who stood with her during the political whirlwind engineered by Brantley.

“Your presence, care, concern and love for me at a time when I felt isolated, and was, (indeed) isolated, have been priceless. Thanks to my Permanent Secretary, Assistant Secretary, department heads, nurses, all workers in the ministry of health and gender affairs, I say thank you for your years of dedicated service.”

Posthumously, “to my now-deceased mentor, Premier Vance W Amory, your vision has not been dimmed as I will continue to be (a beacon) of service.”

“I would like to thank Premier Brantley and his cabinet for giving me the opportunity to serve my country in the second term. While this election has been thrust upon us, in the season of Christmas, I implore all of you to be responsible citizens and do not be distracted as there is hope for Nevis regardless of your political situation., let us remain respectful,” minister Williams implored.


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