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Ministry of Education Presented with Fortunapix

Published 07 March 2023


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Basseterre: St. Kitts, Wednesday, March 07, 2023: Fortunapix a US based company which purports to provide digital solutions to education is in St. Kitts presenting its Onelern programme to Ministry of
Education officials.

Representatives from Fortunapix met with Heads of Department in the Ministry of Education to discuss how its digital programme can assist with curriculum, assessment, delivery and analytics in the sector.
Stating that their focus over years of operation has been in the area of student empowerment and teacher support by allowing these two groups to become creators and contributors to their education and teaching experience.

Using what they referred to as playful learning-transformative technology, the representatives TC Ashok and Satyajjt Behera provided the education officials with tablets and text books giving them first hand
experience with the onelern technology.

Onelern has been in operation in several Caribbean islands including Antigua and Barbuda; St. Lucia and Grenada and has had great success. According to Mr. Ashok none of their clients have ever cancelled their
subscription to the programme and have continually expressed great satisfaction with the programme.

Emphasizing the programme’s flexibility, the presenters assured Permanent Secretary Mrs. Lisa Pistana and her team that the enhanced curriculum used by the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis will not be
hindered by using Fortunapix which aligns with the OECS and CSEC/CCSLC curriculum. He added that existing content could be tweaked to fit the unique St. Kitts and Nevis Curriculum with input from
The Curriculum Development Unit and educators.

Mrs Pistana assured leaders who attended the discussion that due consideration would be given as the programme seems to be very comprehensive and engaging. She added however that the ministry
would want to ensure that the proper ground work is down that would allow project success should it be implemented.

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