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Published 17 March 2023


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Conaree Fireballs International and Trafalgar Southstars scored big wins on Thursday in SKNFA
Division 1 action at St. Mary’s Park in Cayon. Conaree crushed 607 Construction Lodge Patriots
5-0, while Southstars condemned TGE Dieppe Bay Eagles to their first loss of the season 3-1.

In the Conaree match, Orlando “Ack” Mitcham scored the first goal in the 15 th minute, Kemuel
Sharry scored two goals in the 32 nd and 81 st minutes, and Ossie Bute and Kaviere Nisbett in the
39 th and 80 th minutes respectively. Coach of Conaree Fireballs Keneisa Byron said the team came
into this match knowing they had to win. “Honestly, we were just making sure that they attack
together, defend together; trying to keep the team compact when we don’t have (the ball),” she
said. “We knew based on our last game, we could not lose tonight so I am happy for the win
but…they could have done better,” she said.

In their last encounter, Conaree Fireballs lost 1-0 to Trafalgar Southstars and that motivated the
team to come into Thursday night’s match with a different mentality, Coach Byron said. “Even
though it wasn’t a big loss, it was still a loss regardless…going forward hopefully we go on a
winning streak because the aim is to go to Premier League,” she added.
In the Trafalgar Southstars 3-1 win over Dieppe Bay, the goal scorers are:

 Scoring for Dieppe Bay 
Josiah Bradshaw 63rd min
Scoring for Southstars 
Ronaldo Nisbett 13th min
Jelani Willett 23rd min
Clarissa Gumbs 85th min

Red Card
Lashell Pogson (Dieppe bay) 44th min

(For receiving a 2nd caution during the game )

Caption: Conaree Fireballs striker Orlando Mitcham (left) comes off the field as substitute Clidel
Browne prepares to enter the pitch.

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