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Principal Mr Meguel Thomas of Verchilds High School Remarks on 30th Anniversary Sports Day

Published 19 March 2023


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Yesterday (Saturday 18th March, 2023), our 30th Anniversary Sports Day was held under the distinguished patronage of Mr. Lonzo Wilkinson, the 6th principal of the Verchilds High School. Thank you very much Mr. Wilkinson for accepting this important responsibility.

At the event, we were blessed to have our first principal (Mrs. Marilyn Rogers) and Mr. Roger Woodley, the school’s 5th principal. They were instrumental in distributing tokens to our wonderful, intelligent and athletic children.

Today, I am overjoyed for a myriad of reasons. Words truly cannot encapsulate the depth of gratitude. I am extremely proud of our students who were the most principal contributors to this event. The students of the Verchilds High School are the absolute BEST!

Prior to the event, I met with the students in multiple forums and told them to have fun. I reminded them that “there should be no demonstration of rudeness and to finish each race irrespective of the positions.” With a small population, it was imperative that our students understand their assignments. In September, 2022, we received only 22 females and 35 males in form 1. Yet, our young hawks (eyas) did a splendid job entertaining us. They ensured that the races were filled and they finished irrespective of their positions.

The students of forms 2, 3, 4 and 5 were excellent examples, showing our form 1 students that school pride is valuable. Some were not very athletic but they willingly participated. Additionally, some students pulled tug-of-war and gave the crowd something to cheer for. At the Verchilds High School, we understand that sports have no boundaries. Therefore, we created the avenue to give each student the opportunity to be on display. We believe that everyone can shine in his or her respective discipline.

I pause to congratulate Chesson Liburd (Form 5), Mikayla Gumbs (Form 5) and Tyhra Charles (Form 4) who will travel to the Bahamas over the Easter weekend to participate in the  2023 CARIFTA Games.

Moreover, I applaud our Deputy Principal (Jennifer Belle), Third on Command (Jolene Abbott-Edwards), Sports Leader (Lester Morris), Senior Management members, House Masters and other diligent teachers who worked assiduously from the start to the end of the event. Undoubtedly, the event was of a high quality. Without the staff at the Verchilds High School, I am nothing. They keep me going and understand the vision. I allow them to be and they in turn carry me. Therefore, I beseech you to always remember them while you praise me for the excellent work.

To our parents, guardians, officials, coaches, patrons and other stakeholders, we are immensely grateful for your support. To our two main sponsors, Carib Brewery (Mr. Kenrick Isaac) and Tap Water Caribbean (Mr. Nijoe Farrell), we are eternally grateful.

We are a proud people at the Verchilds High School. Thanks for joining us.

We will see you at the TDC Interschool Championship this weekend.

Continue to support and pray for us. We are a growing people.

Meguel Thomas
Verchilds High School

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