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Irish Town primary School refurbishment project

Published 14 April 2023


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Basseterre: St. Kitts, Friday, April 14, 2023:​ In its quest to hold true to its mandate to provide
a safe working and learning environment for teachers and students, the Ministry of Education has
embarked on a campaign to strengthen the safety features and enhance the overall physical
aesthetic of the Irish Town Primary School (ITPS).

Explaining the intricacies of the project, Permanent Secretary Mrs. Lisa Romaine Pistana
remarked “In response to the tragic incident at ITPS, the Ministry of Education developed a short
to medium term upgrade plan which has three main projects running concurrently.  These
projects were identified as critical to the future safety and security of the staff and students at the
ITPS and therefore must be completed in the short term to ensure that they are return to space.
The three main projects were: Relocation and refurbishing of a space which will be used for the
principal’s office; building a retaining wall and perimeter fence and the installation of security
enclosures on the eastern and western breezeway.”

In a brief interview with Education Media Unit (EMU) Mr. Mitchell Gumbs, Assistant Managing
Director, St. Kitts Masonry Products Ltd (SKMP), disclosed that his company became involved
in the project after a conversation with Mrs. Lisa Romaine Pistana who solicited assistance from
SKMP to ameliorate a breach in the ITPS property. He expressed, “based on the request we
[SKMP] got from the Ministry of Education, St. Kitts Masonry Products were able to donate 5
palettes of 8 inch blocks and 6 yards of concrete to remedy the area where the intrusion occurred.
We were able to deliver the blocks and concrete yesterday [April 11] so I assume that the work is
progressing smoothly to bring that to a completion in the not too distant future”.

Mrs. Pistana conveyed gratitude to the corporate community for its assistance, “Special thanks
are extended to our community partners for sponsoring these projects.  The Eastern Caribbean
Central Bank (ECCB) sponsored the security enclosures, security cameras and materials for
refurbishing the new principal’s office.  St. Kitts Masonry Products provided blocks and cement
for the retaining wall and fence.  Surrey Paving provided the labour for the retaining wall and

The Ministry of Education is hoping to have the staff and students return to their space by
Monday 24 th  April, 2023. They initially relocated as a result of a fatal incident which took place
on the school premises in February this year.

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