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Published 1 May 2023


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The leadership of the People’s Labour Party (PLP) celebrates and congratulates the hardworking people of our beloved Nation. We acknowledge their countless and invaluable contributions to nation building in all spheres – economic, political, social and spiritual. As we commemorate International Labour Day on Monday 1st May, 2023 under the theme “Safety and Health at Work”, PLP will continue to champion the concerns and needs of all workers in our beloved Federation.

The People’s Labour Party philosophy is steeped in “Putting People First” while “Doing The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number Of People”. This was self-evident during the golden era of our Party’s seven (7) years of good governance and economic prosperity as we developed our number one resource, Our Workers and The People. We remain committed to regularize non-established workers, providing them equity with other employees of government, correcting the injustice by providing them with a government pension. We remain committed to regularly increase the minimum wage. We remain committed to tripartite consultations with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and all Workers’ Union Representatives. We remain committed to ensure that the Workers’ Severance Fund is adequately capitalized to meet the just claims of all workers. We remain committed to encourage all workers to exercise their constitutional right of association and assembly politically or otherwise. We left a National Health Insurance policy about ready for implementation to advance access to high quality and affordable health care for all our people. As we did over the last seven (7) years, we are committed to creating more jobs and a stronger economy than before. Under the People’s Labour Party, employment was at its highest level. There were a record number of businesses being created and the safety and security of our people being at its best for a very long time.

Unfortunately, we do not see this type of care, leadership and governance from this present administration who claims to be from the labour movement. We are seeing the highest levels of victimization, low economic growth, jobs scarcity, poor working environment, our healthcare in crisis, high cost of living and doubling of inflation. We in St. Kitts and Nevis were not accustomed to this present state of affairs during the period prior to Friday 5th August 2022. The workers and their families must agitate for a better quality of life.

So as we celebrate in solidarity with all our people, we must also demand better for each and every one of us and for our beloved country. Let us return to the type of leadership that delivered prosperity of all.

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