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Published 25 May 2023


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Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 25, 2023 (SKNIS): The Department of Environment embarked on a tree planting exercise in several primary and pre-schools in St. Kitts as part of the department’s mandate to raise awareness on the importance of conserving and preserving the Federation’s biodiversity.

Over 40 fruit trees were planted in 13 learning institutions, namely, the Cayon; Sandy Point; Tyrrell Williams; Bronte Welsh; Tucker Clarke; Beach Allen; St. Paul’s; Newtown Ground; Dieppe Bay; Violet Petty, and the Dean Glasford Primary Schools. Trees were also planted at the Cayon and Tabernacle Daycare Centers, Little Learner’s Academy, and the Children’s Home. Fruit trees planted included sugar apple, soursop, mango, Suriname cherry, gooseberry, and monkey cherry. This initiative was a collaborative effort between the Department of Environment and the Ministries of Agriculture and Education.

Derionne Edmeade, Environmental Education Officer, said the exercise runs from May 22-26 and is held in recognition of International Day for Biodiversity, which is observed to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues.

“This exercise is being done in recognition of International Day for Biodiversity which is celebrated on May 22 annually. This year’s theme, ‘From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity’ encourages us to play our part to restore and rebuild the living fabric of our planet,” said Mr. Edmeade. “The Department of Environment viewed this as an opportunity to improve on our biodiversity loss by planting more fruit trees within our communities.”

During the tree planting exercise, members from the Department of Environment used the opportunity to educate the students on the importance of conserving and preserving the Federation’s biodiversity which included planting new trees.

Conservation and sustainable practices were recently introduced in13 primary schools with the installation of plastic recycling bins at St. Paul’s Primary School, Cayon Primary, Sandy Point Primary, Edgar T. Morris Primary, the Bronte Welsh Primary Schools, and the Dean Glasford Primary School to name a few. This initiative was jointly between the Ministry of Environment and the Taiwan Technical Mission’s bin placement programme, which falls under the “Solid Waste Management and Recycling Project.

Plastic recycling bins were also placed at the offices of Government Ministries and departments, hotels, restaurants, community centers, churches, and a number of local retail businesses.

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