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Published 30 May 2023


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Fast Cash Saddlers FC suffered a 4-1 loss to Rams Village Superstars on Saturday in the SKNFA Premier League at the St. Paul’s Playing field. Glenville Gumbs gave Saddlers a rare early lead in the 18 th minute, but that was soon erased when Village won a penalty, which was converted by G’vaune Amory in the 32 nd minute. In the second half, it was more Village, again earning another penalty, this time converted by Joseph Wilkes in the 60 th min. Kimaree Rogers then got two breakaway runs, scoring both in the 73 rd and in stoppage time. Assistant Coach for Village Vaughn Patrick said they had a slow start, but they encouraged the players to keep pushing. “We had a slow start; the fellows went out a little flat-footed. We went behind, we encouraged them, talked to them. We put in the fighting spirit. We got one goal; one led to two, two led to three, three led to four. We just keep on the pressure on them and play a little faster. We were too slow in the beginning,” Patrick said.

Coach of Saddlers Samuel Phipps said some tough calls by the referees, affected their ability to get a positive result. He said they will have to work hard now to get some wins under their belt. “We played most of the difficult teams in the first half of the second round and then we intend to go back again and work hard and try to get some wins under our belt,” Phipps said.  In the next match-up, S L Horfords St. Paul’s United and Newtown United drew 1-1. Deneilson Thomas of Newtown gave the East Basseterre outfit the lead before April’s player of the month Keithroy Freeman equalized moments later heading in a corner.

Coach Anthony “Nets” Isaac of Newtown was pleased with the performance but said more work has to be done defensively. “I am about 80 percent satisfied, counting the last game we played against St. Paul’s. I think we did much better defensively, even though we gave up that soft goal,” Isaac said. Manager of St. Paul’s Austin Lewis said the result is better than a loss. “I appreciate the point,” he said.

Village Superstars earned the only win on Saturday in the SKNFA Premier League.

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