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Published 1 June 2023


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Basseterre: St. Kitts, Thursday, June 01, 2023: Minister of Education, Hon. Dr. Geoffrey
Hanley declared the celebration of Child Month 2023 officially open in a national address on
Thursday May 31. The event observed annually in June, will be celebrated this year under the
theme: “Empowering Our Children through STEAM Education”.

Addressing the theme Minister Hanley stated, “Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and
Mathematics (STEAM), are the building blocks of any robust education system and therefore
should be integrated into a child’s early years. The fostering of interest and exposure to these
disciplines will ultimately contribute to the building of our great nation. As a small island
developing state focused on building resilience and becoming more self-sustaining, it is critical
that Science, Mathematics, Engineering, the Arts and Technology are viewed as integral towards
us achieving our goals. Therefore, our children must develop an understanding of their world and
be encouraged to explore creative solutions to the current economic, physical, environmental,
and social challenges. Also, the Arts must be viewed not just as an avenue for self-expression but
a means through which our heritage is passed on. Our nation’s children are naturally gifted; they
are curious, and therefore poised to learn tremendously through STEAM education.”
Expressing his gratitude to the employees in the Early Childhood Sector, UNICEF and other
stakeholders Minister Hanley elucidated the pivotal role they play in the furtherance of our
nation’s early childhood education.

“Our advancements and accomplishments in the Early Childhood Sector are a direct result of the
foundation laid by the early and current practitioners and continued support from our
stakeholders. Therefore, I take this opportunity to express sincere gratitude to all our critical
stakeholders for your continued support and hard work. Thank you is also extended to our local
businesses who have granted concessions, donations, and sponsorship to the initiatives of Early
Childhood throughout the years. Mention must also be made of our international partner
UNICEF, for supporting the Ministry of Education’s endeavours to create best practices at all
levels, to build capacity, to improve administration and management and to enhance the proper
development of our young children. Such contributions continue to make a positive impact on
the quality of teaching and learning in the Early Childhood Sector and we are extremely

The month of activities commenced with a church service held at the Lighthouse Baptist Church
in Sandy Point. Upcoming activities to observe the month will include a T-shirt and Promotional
Day Monday, June 05, Nevis Parade Day on Friday June 09. Other activities include the Family

Soup-A-Fair, Staff Appreciation, Dance Concert and Zonal Sports Day. The month of activities
will culminate on Friday June 30 with the annual Grand Parade.

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