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Published 10 June 2023


(Basseterre, St. Kitts, June 7th 2023);
The Department of Agriculture St. Kitts, through its Livestock Extension division is offering a series of ‘Animal Nutrition Management’ training sessions to livestock farmers, beginning at the Old Road Community Center on Monday 19th June 2023.

Seminars set to be held during the second quarter of the year will continue at the Department of Agriculture Large Conference Room on Monday, 17th July, Sandy Point Community Center on Monday 24th July and the St. Pauls Community Center on Monday 21st August.

Livestock Extension Officer with responsibility for Small Ruminants at the Department of Agriculture, and facilitator, Delesha Huggins spoke with the Media and Communication Unit about the upcoming training and explained the importance of hosting the sessions, which will focus on the topic, ‘Animal Nutrition: The Fundamental Building Block of Animal Health and Productivity’.

She said, “This training is to educate small ruminant farmers, farmers on a whole, about the importance of vitamin supplementation, educating them why it’s necessary and how the body utilizes these vitamins for important functions. These vitamins are used for important bodily functions and if they’re deficient then it would cause different metabolic disorders that would cause the animal to not produce, become infertile, not gain weight and even die once these essential vitamins and minerals are not supplemented. Because most, just as us, we don’t get the
necessary vitamins that we need from the food that we eat in our diet, so we have to supplement. It’s the same thing with animals but I don’t think farmers understand the importance of it. So these training sessions are to educate them about the importance and educate them about which vitamins are most important and beneficial for the animals.”

To register for the training, interested persons are asked to visit the Livestock Division at the Department of Agriculture or call 465-2110 for further information.

The sessions are scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m.

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