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In just 1 year, My Good Labour Government took these Major Actions AND MORE…

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Published 5 August 2023

In just 1 year, My Good Labour Government took these Major Actions AND MORE…

• Opened up the Country, to Save Tourism 🛳️

• Ended Covid-19 Protocols, ending years of Restrictions 😷

• Saved the Lives of 30+ Sick Children by Paying for Emergency Overseas Medical Care 👶🏽

• Introduced Free Tuition at CFBC for our Students 👩🏽‍🎓

• Reduced Student Loans from 9% to 5% at Development Bank 💲

• Removed Import Duties on School Supplies and Set 2 Back-To-School VAT Days 📚

• Paid GAE Retired Workers their Well-Earned Gratuity 💵

• Paid Two Cash CBI Dividends to Nationals 💰

• Subsidized Electricity, Gas and Water to Save People Money 💡

• Brought Back Visa-Free Options to Travel to Canada ✈️

• Saved the CBI Industry and Preserved our Good Name by creating Strong Regulations 🇰🇳

• Installed the First Ever Female Governor-General 👩🏽‍⚖️

• Committed to Build 2,400 Affordable Hurricane-Resilient Smart Homes in 4 Years 🏠

• Passed 23 Laws strengthening Good Governance and Domestic Violence Protections ⚖️

• Filed First Ever Declarations to the Integrity In Public Life Commission 🫡

• Brought JetBlue, InterCaribbean and Caribbean Airlines to St Kitts 🛬

• Drilled and Found Water in Cayon 💦

• Agreed to Urgently Build 2 Million Gallon Desalination Plant in Basseterre 🚰

• Hosted the Biggest Ever Music Festival and Carnival in St Kitts History 🎉

• Resolved the Land Distribution Corruption 🌎

• Committed Free Land Titles to Lifetime Residents of Upper Monkey Hill and LaGuerite 📜

• Initiated the Medical Cannabis Industry and Fixed Cannabis Laws 🪴

• Created and Passed the Historic Rastafari Rights Recognition Act 🤜🏾

• Launched the Ministry of the Creative Economy 🪇

• Committed to Provide Green Houses to Villages throughout St Kitts 🍅

• Reformed the Corrupt Peace Programme into ELEVATE promoting Actual Life Changes 👷🏾

• Committed Resources and hired New Professionals to tackle Crime Prevention 🦹🏽‍♂️

• Secured Financing for a Brand New Climate Smart Hospital 🏥

• Ordered an MRI and other essential Medical Equipment for JNF General Hospital 🔬

• Saved Development Bank & National Bank from Bad Governance 💪🏾

I cannot wait for Year 2 of this Good Good A-Team Labour Government!!! Well Done!!! ❤️

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