5pm Weather Forecast & 3Day Forecast (2nd September,2023)

Weather Bulletin
Issued at: 5pm
Present Weather: Fair skies with slight dust haze
Winds: A gentle breeze of 12mph from an Easterly direction
Temperature: 31°C / 88°F Max Temp: 34°C /93°F Humidity: 67% Sea Level Pressure: 1012.3mbs or 29.89″
24hr rainfall at the R.L. Bradshaw Intl. at 2pm: Nil’’
Amount of rainfall for the month of September: 1.6mm / 0.06”

Sunrise: Tom 5:57am

Sunset: Tom 6:24pm

Weather Forecast Valid until 8 pm Tomorrow.
Winds: East-southeast at 9 to 18 mph.
Seas: 0.6to1.2metresor2to4feet.

Weather Forecast for St. Kitts and Nevis: Generally settled atmospheric conditions will prevail across the area over the next 24 hours, during which, shallow patches of low level clouds will continue to move across the islands.
Weather tonight: Mostly fair with a 10 percent or slight chance of brief showers.

Weather tomorrow: Partly sunny with a 20 percent or slight chance of brief showers

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