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Sister Joyann Penny Has Passed Away

Published 23 September 2023


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May the LOVING soul of Sister Joyann Penny, member of The Antioch Baptist Church and Honorary member of THE VICTORY CENTRE and Dare 2 Be Different International forever live in our hearts.

I first came to know Sister Joyann Penny when my parents Mr and Mrs Jefferson and Yvette Wallace took my brothers Stascius, Stanacius and Lemercius and I to THE ANTIOCH BAPTIST CHURCH to start fellowshipping as young BOYS.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS LAST. I found Sister Joyann to be a quiet, meek, loving, caring, respectful and FRANK soul. She was very, very FAITHFUL to GOD and CHURCH work.

Sister Joyann was active in The Youth Fellowship, Junior Choir, Bell Choir, Training Union and every activity of THE CHURCH under the Late Pastor Kelvin Jones.

I started working much closer to her when Pastor Lincoln Connor appointed me as President of The Antioch Baptist Church Training Union. Sister Joyann was always one of my STRONGEST SUPPORTERS and she was never afraid to let me know that.

When I parted with The Antioch Baptist Church and established Dare 2 Be Different International and THE VICTORY CENTRE, Sister Joyann remained one of my STRONGEST SUPPORTERS. She loved my energy, LOVE and charisma and the CREATIVE and EDUCATIONAL work that our Gospel Ministries do with our Nation’s Youth.

When I heard that Sister Joyann passed, I went to see the last messages that she checked and I know that they would have brought a SMILE to her face for the LAST. Thursday, 21st September, 2023 in the afternoon was the last time Sister Joyann checked my messages. She didn’t check any of my messages on Friday, 22nd September, 2023.

Let’s commit to start monitoring or following up on our CONTACTS more. Maybe a CALL or a KNOCK on her DOOR could have helped save her LIFE. We just never know.

RIP Sister Joyann. I’ll certainly miss you a lot and I’ll miss calling your NAME in my Sunday Morning Digital Sermons. You’ll forever live in my heart.

To Joyann’s Mother Sylvia Penny, her sister Doldria Penny, Brothers Pastor Ira Penny, Pastor Michael Penny, Ras Dabo Penny and Alexis Joseph and entire family, STAY STRONG. You have our LOVE and PRAYERS.

Brother Khrystus Wallace

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