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Ministry of Health Announces Significant Water System Upgrade at JNF General Hospital

Published 24 October 2023


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Ministry of Health Announces Significant Water System Upgrade at JNF General Hospital

Basseterre, St. Kitts, October 23, 2023 [Ministry of Health] – The Ministry of Health is pleased to announce another major upgrade to systems and services at JNF General Hospital.  The water supply and overall infrastructure of this vital institution have now completed a substantial overhaul and upgrade.

The journey towards this essential upgrade began in July, when the Ministry’s dedicated operations team, led by Mrs. Lindsey Maynard, embarked on a mission to revitalize the existing water infrastructure at JNF General Hospital. Upon close inspection, it was discovered that the hospital’s water tanks had become nonfunctional over the years due to prolonged neglect.
To address this critical issue, a comprehensive revitalization process was initiated, which included the installation of new water lines, fittings, and improved electrical connections as well as the draining and refurbishment of the existing water tanks at the facility. These efforts have been carefully executed to ensure the hospital’s water supply is not only reliable but also meets the highest quality standards for healthcare institutions. Taking our premier healthcare institution one step closer to its accreditation goal.

Mrs. Linsey Maynard, Director of Operations, expressed her enthusiasm for this project, stating, “Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible infrastructure for healthcare delivery in our region. The upgrade to the water system at JNF General Hospital is a crucial step towards ensuring the hospital’s ability to serve the community effectively.”
Dr. Jenson Morton, Director of Health Institutions, also commented on this significant development, saying, “Access to clean and reliable water is fundamental to the provision of quality healthcare services. This upgrade aligns with our mission to continuously improve healthcare and provide more positive health outcomes to all our patients.”

The Ministry of Health remains dedicated to our motto of “People First – Quality Always”, and the water system upgrade at JNF General Hospital is just another example of the ongoing efforts to ensure that the public receives the best possible care.

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