Published 30 October 2023


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Ministry of Information, Communications, Technology and Posts
Job Description

Job Title: Server Administrator

Work Location: National ICT Center, C.A.P. Southwell Industrial Site

Division/Department: Department of Technology

Reports to: Director
[✓] Full-time
 [ ] Part-time

Description of Post:
The Server Administrator’s role is to design, install, administer, and optimize GOSKN data center servers and related components to achieve high performance of the various enterprise applications supported by tuning the servers as necessary. This includes ensuring the availability of client/server applications, configuring all new implementations, and developing processes and procedures for ongoing management of the server and data center environments. Where applicable, the Server Administrator will assist in overseeing the physical security, integrity, and safety of the data center/ server equipment. 

Duties and Responsibilities
 • Develop strategies for client/server implementations; architect the infrastructure required to support those strategies.
 • Act as project associate in the design and review of new server systems, applications, and hardware; conduct capacity planning as needed.
 • Lead, coordinate and participate in key process improvements as they relate to the client/server environment.
 • Coordinate and collaborate with network and application management as well as database administration functions to ensure the availability, reliability, and scalability of servers to meet demands.
 • Establish and implement policies, procedures, and technologies (including firewalls) to ensure server security.
 • Assist in designing and implementing data centre/server room security features, including environmental alarms, access restrictions, etc.
 • Conduct research on server hardware, software, and protocols in support of procurement and development efforts.
 • Perform file system configuration and management; define and perform server backups and recovery procedures.
 • Plan and implement server upgrades, maintenance fixes, and vendor-supplied patches.
 • Provide cloud server administration support by overseeing and maintaining cloud server functions, such as assuring logging and metrics data are stable.
• Monitor and test system performance and provide performance statistics and reports.
 • Create shell scripts as required.
 • Manage enterprise directory services and support server infrastructure.
 • Define and implement strategies for integrating disparate operating environments.
 • Recommend and execute modifications to the server environment to improve efficiency, reliability, and performance.
 • Any other duty that may be assigned.

Daily Duties
• Monitor and Maintain the Active Directory, DNS and DHCP Servers and backup server.
 • Monitor and Maintain Network Infrastructure of the Department of Technology.
 • Monitor and Maintain the Server Room.
 • Monitor the Camera Surveillance system and Access Control System.
 • Monitor and Maintain Department of Technology Antivirus Software.
 • Monitor & Maintain personal Computers of the Department of Technology including Pearson Vue test centre and Large Training Room.

Additional Duties
• Assist with Office 365 maintenance and deployment.
 • Assist with the monitoring and maintenance of the Azure Cloud Service.
 • Assist network Coordinator with deployment and maintenance of the Government Wide Area Network (GWAN)
 • Assist Network Coordinator in management of the Technical Staff.
 • Monitoring and maintenance of the ISO 27001 Security Protocols.
 • Assist in the deployment of the St Kitts and Nevis Internet Exchange Point (IXP).

Education and/or Experience:
The Applicant must have the following skills:
• University degree in the field of computer science or management information systems or a related discipline.
• At least five years of equivalent work experience in a senior technical analytical position responsible for managing server environments.
 • Certifications in server administration are a plus.

Knowledge and Skills
• Highly self-motivated and directed, with keen attention to detail.
 • Ability to effectively prioritize tasks in a high-pressure environment.
 • Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
 • Great organizational and project management skills.
 • Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
 • Good written and oral communication skills.
 • Great interpersonal skills.
 • Strong customer service orientation.
 • Exceptional abilities at load balancing, clustering, and caching procedures and processes.
 • Advanced knowledge of at least 3 of the following: NT, W2K, Red Hat, Linux, Exchange, SQL, 11S, Proxy, Apache, Squid, SendMail, Domino, Site Server, ASP, or XML.
 • Exceptional abilities at load balancing, clustering, and caching procedures and processes.
 • Experience installing, configuring, and maintaining all manners of server hardware and associated network equipment, including SCSI, RAID, and I/O topology.
 • Ability to research server issues and products, as well as diagnose and solve server problems.
 • General knowledge of storage technologies such as SAN or NAS, as well as Active Directory/Global Catalogue. • Experience with server performance tuning and monitoring tools.
 • Working technical knowledge of scripting code using Perl, CGI, and C, shell scripting tools.
 • Familiarity with operating system configuration.
 • Ability to quickly learn technologies and products using documentation and internet resources.

Salary: K28-32 / K33 – K38 ($49,308 – $57,228) / ($59,340-$72,936) per annum
The deadline for the receipt of application is November 29th, 2023.

Please send applications to:

Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Information, Communication, Technology and Posts
P O BOX 186,

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