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Video & Pictures: Four Season Gym and Pro Shop Destroyed by Fire

Published 1 November 2023


Buckie Got It, St Kitts and Nevis News Source

Four Season Gym and Pro Shop Destroyed by Fire

Hon Mark Brantley visited the Four Seasons Resort this morning and was able to tour the areas impacted from last evening’s fire. I am pleased to report that the fire was restricted to the gym and pro shop only and the rest of the Resort is in pristine condition.

I thank General Manager Billy Cuerto for welcoming me and I used the opportunity to reiterate the Government’s fullest support to the speedy recovery of the affected areas.

Mr Cuerto commended the fire services and their response and commended his staff for their response in containing this disaster. I join in extending my deepest appreciation to our fire services and to workers at the Resort.

Rt Hon Denzil Llewellyn Douglas :Last night, Tuesday 31st October, we have learnt of the devastating fire at the Four Seasons Hotel in Nevis, which affected the Gym and Pro Shop.

However, I’m heartened this morning, that there was no loss of life and the Hotel remains open for business.

No doubt, there will be some setbacks and inconveniences, but the management and staff will definitely work around them to bring comfort and reassurance to its employees and guests. We are now at the peak of the Tourism Season, my prayer and hope that rebuilding will be done in the soonest time possible for the benefit of all the people.

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