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CFBC Bar Operation Competition and Final Exam Practical

Published 4 December 2023
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Basseterre, St. Kitts, Monday December 4, 2023: In a celebration of skill, creativity, and
precision, the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) Hospitality Department hosted its highly
anticipated annual Bar Operation Competition and Final Exam Practical on Sunday, December 3,
2023, at the Vibes Beach Bar, Frigate Bay.

The Bar Operation Competition and Final Exam Practical served as a comprehensive assessment
of the students’ practical knowledge and proficiency in bar operation. The practical exam
provided a real-world simulation, allowing students to apply their academic knowledge in a
practical setting.

Mr. Dominic Stevens, Lecturer of Bar Operations at CFBC, provided insight into hosting the
event and the benefits that will be derived.

“This afternoon, we are just about ready to go with the final exam for the bar operations class. I
have done this in the form of a practical because I found out when students leave college and go
to work, people are sending them back and saying they have the knowledge, but they don’t have
the practical skills of knowing who a bartender is or what it takes to be a bartender. So instead of
doing a written exam for the final, I am doing a practical exam. From this, because they would
have done their work and research in class with the practical, the students will now be able to go
to any bar to work and be able to create any cocktail. From here, they can call themselves
mixologists because they would have created their own cocktails. So, the practical element of a
bartender, a waiter, or a waitress would have that. They will be equipped and ready for any
workforce that they go into.”

The Bar Operation Competition tasked students with creating innovative and delicious cocktails
under the scrutiny of a panel of industry experts. The competition aimed not only at testing the
participants’ technical skills but also their ability to think on their feet, handle pressure, and
demonstrate a deep understanding of the art of mixology.

Adhering to the competition’s criteria, which focused on presentation, flavour profile, creativity,
and overall execution through the application of knowledge garnered. Recognition was bestowed
on the following individuals for their exceptional performances:

Best Introduction- Dymekye Herbert
Best Tasting Drink – Novicia Francis
Best Presentation – Azaria Eddy
Most Creative – Jareecia Brown
4 th Runner Up – Dymekye Herbert (119pts)
3 rd Runner Up – Kursten Pereira (120pts)
2 nd Runner Up – Shenicia Francis (124pts)
1 st Runner Up – Jahshya Donavan (127pts)

Bar Operations Champion 2023 – Jada Brookes (128pts)
The CFBC Hospitality Department’s Annual Bar Operation Competition and Final Exam
Practical proved to be a resounding success, demonstrating the commitment of both students and
faculty to excellence in the field of hospitality. The event not only celebrated the talents and
achievements of the participants but also highlighted the department’s dedication to providing a
holistic education that prepares students for the challenges and opportunities in the real world.

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