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Published 27 December 2023


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Basseterre, St. Kitts, December 27, 2023 (SKNIS): The ELEVATE programme, a pioneering initiative aimed at empowering marginalised and at-risk individuals, unveiled its new logo and website at a high-profile launch event on Thursday, December 21, 2023. The event showcased the program’s commitment to growth and transformation through these new visual and digital platforms.

The new logo, designed by the talented Tiffany Paul Browne, encapsulates the spirit and vision of ELEVATE, while the website promises to be a dynamic hub for community engagement, resources, and programme updates.

“Tiffany shared with us that what motivated her to participate in this competition is her passion for graphic design, brand development and website creation,” said Major Kayode Sutton, Director of ELEVATE. “The name of this project, ‘ELEVATE,’ resonates with her on a personal level and encapsulates her continuous dedication to enhancing her own brand and seeking ways to excel in her business endeavours while also supporting and collaborating with other businesses. This spirit of growth and elevation is what fuels her enthusiasm and inspired her to enter this competition.” 

Director Sutton added that the logo’s colours are deeply symbolic, with green representing harmony, tranquillity, and peace. This choice exudes a calming effect, signifying stability, endurance, and a continuous thirst for knowledge. Furthermore, the incorporation of our national flag’s colours aligns with the program’s core values and mission to “ELEVATE.” The upward-pointing arrow in the design is a powerful symbol of our commitment to continuous improvement and progress.

The ELEVATE website www.elevate.gov.kn was designed by Janelle Tracey Mason.

ELEVATE’s website

“This online platform will serve as a hub for information, resources, and updates related to the programme,” said Director Sutton. “It will also provide a space for participants to connect, learn, and engage with the broader ELEVATE community. While it currently serves to provide basic information on the programme, the website, like the programme itself, is not static but adaptive to the needs of the programme. We look forward to increasing ways we can use it to engage with the public and our participants and stakeholders.”

Director Sutton said that the inauguration of the ELEVATE programme marks a pivotal moment in the government’s dedicated mission to uplift marginalised and at-risk communities.  He invited everyone to shift their perspectives about the programme and to actively participate in its supportive initiatives and activities. 

In July 2023, the Elevate Programme officially replaced the Alternative Lifestyle Pathways Programme, commonly referred to as the Peace Programme.

Director Sutton (left) makes a presentation to Tiffany Paul Browne, winner of the Logo competition. 
Janelle Tracey Mason, designer of ELEVATE’s website

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