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JSE gets deserved ‘pat on the back’

Published 12 anuary 2024


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JSE gets deserved ‘pat on the back

WHEN THE JAMAICA STOCK EXCHANGE (JSE) PULLED OFF ITS FIRST CONFERENCE at the Half Moon Bay Hotel in Montego Bay Jamaica in 19-years ago, no one knew then that it contained the seeds to becoming one of the region’s leading business conferences.

But it germinated, blossomed, survived the vagaries of regional and global geopolitics, and today bloomed into one of the world’s most sought-after investment conferences.  Despite its unpretentious beginnings in 2006, this year’s 19th edition promises to be equally as classy and expectation-fulfilling as its predecessors but will also be “be more exciting and engaging than ever before,” organisers promised with the added caveat that “there will be more people in attendance than normal.

“There is no better testimony to the success of any Conference than the fact that the major sponsors remain onboard year after year. Jefferies Group LLC is the Conference’s main overseas sponsor. (It is) a leading global investment banking firm that provides investors, companies and governments with a full range of investment banking and wealth management services across the financial spectrum,” JSE said in a release.

The release added that “NCB Capital Markets Ltd., our regional lead sponsor, and Cable & Wireless now FLOW (C&W Business) has been the leading telecom sponsors for many of the 18 years.” 

It said, “The Conference examines areas of growth, challenges and advancements that are currently shaping societies.”

During its January 23-25 meeting JSE presenters will also looks at the global system of production and distribution and consumption “and critique how economies and businesses can best manage such rapid changes and capitalize on opportunities for progress through provocative discussions, formal and informal”. 

The Conference is billed as fully in-person at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Kingston, Jamaica, with limited VIRTUAL access. It will be held under the theme ‘The Drivers of Capital: From Concept to Growth’.

the JSE’s Annual Conference brings together world class leaders and industry experts from various sectors who willingly share success secrets and demystify complex topics into common language in the presence of leading entrepreneurs and other noted professionals in their respective fields. 

The beginning-of-the-year meeting is a fillip for participants to be equipped with tried and tested insights to help them navigate the year successfully. It is also timed to ensure they all thrive through the sweeping trends and disruptions happening globally.

Several agencies will celebrate significant milestones during this year’s conference, with the JSE observing 55 years of existence; Jamaica Central Securities Depository, 25 years; JCSD Trustee Services Limited, 15 years, and the Jamaica Social Stock Exchange (JSSE) 5 years of operations.

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Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) Marketing adCommunications Manager, Neville Ellis

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